Tiers For Fears…….

Some time ago I undertook to not write about, our owners, no crowds, the EFL, idiotic managerial speculation etc etc….. the announcement of fans returning to grounds is worth writing about once…..

“Come in taxi….. you must have come in a taxi under strict socially distanced guidelines…..”

It’ll end in Tiers……..

Tier 1 = 4000

Tier 2 = 2000

Tier 3 = Watch a £10 stream in your undercrackers, eating crisps and skulling German Lager with your dogs …. #bigupthenewnorm

On the basis Sunderland is in the North, the evidence suggests we will be in Tier 3, (SAFC in the 3rd Tier? Fucking madness! At least we’ll win every week?)

NOVID Wanderers 0 vs COVID Crusaders 1, (Reaper, G, 11)

No interest in being political, as with lots of things… opinions differ…A Pandemic of Opinions? ….. for me, COVID is very real, very, very fucking real – but as with most things our own experience/ exposure guides us?

Fans back at football is what we all want, 2-4K at a game is huge for the non league game – it’s brilliant. The lower levels are the lifeblood of the Beautiful Game and a few thousand fans being allowed in is massive. 

I miss going to the game, realistically I miss….. breakfast beers, laughs with mates, days in random towns getting in random taxis from random pubs, delayed trains, police escorts, arguing with stewards about fire safety certificates, kebab wraps, service stations, lay by piss stops……it’s an almost exhaustive list. Fans in grounds can save clubs at a certain level and that’s mint…… 2000 in the SOL? I’m not sure…… cost to club, entitlement of fans vs fans etc . I love going to SAFC games, I spend thousands of pounds and lots of time pursing this……… I’m inclined to think…..let’s support and save the lower echelons of the football pyramid….. SOL? See you in August? 

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