Tinpot Tosspot Takeover Thursdays ….

It’s the middle of August – ordinarily we’d have had a few 1-1 draws and a trip to some Northern Shithole in the Milk Cup. Due to a global pandemic it’s different this year…. but it won’t be long, the lads are in training, the new kit is released and the Ownership Soap Opera rolls on. This Blog isn’t right good, but it’s no better or worse than a newspaper that costs however much a newspaper costs?, (printed media not my bag)

Fuck me….. it’s hot!

SAFCBlog Item #1…. Get Your Kits Out For The Lads

Ultimately we wear red & white stripes … we don’t need a new version every year? But…. it’s a commercial world, this years home kit is decent…..

  • Stripes on the back✅
  • Red Stripe down the front middle✅
  • Nowt daft✅
  • Sponsor not overly obtrusive✅

I’m acutely aware that football is a money business. But FFS…. the people buying kits are kids, parents, enthusiasts etc…. SAFC are by no means alone, but the quality is piss poor? Any business is guided by margins, but do we really need to rip the arse out of it? 

Its only a few years since we had stitched badges….

“It’s a Stitch Up…….”
‘Tinpot Transfer Thursday Club’
‘Captive audience…. loyalty…..learned behaviour……passion…… commitment……’
“In the event of launching a clothing brand, SAFCBlog will prioritise quality…”

Whilst these comments are critical of the quality of football shirts….. it would be unfair to level this criticism at SAFC – it’s reflective of the modern game.

SAFCBlog Item #2…. In Training

Pre season is generally shite, the only bright spot being a trip to Germany, Holland or Portugal….so it really is proper shite this year. That said, we’ve signed some players, so that’s a positive?

“I see dead people……”

SAFCBlog Item #3; Tosspot Takeover Time

Got be honest, I’d, (wrongly), assumed this fellas was American!

I’ve not, (as yet), bought a football club…. but if I do, I’ll just contact the seller and not shout my mouth off. SAFCBlog is shite…. but I’ve been round the block enough to make judgements…. just fuck off eh pal?

BBC gave him some radio airtime tonight, no issue with that….. but FFS….

  • Referred to Mags as Staveley Takeover
  • Referred to Juan as Bloke from Uruguay
  • Was desperate to hang current owners out to dry

I just write an average, (6/10), blog….. SAFCBlog is often criticised for being Too PC…. but, just fuck off pal.

John Batchelor, Michael Knighton……gut reaction time, but if you are going to buy a football club, just fucking buy it? Twitter, BBC, 10 year plans, loving the area, sleeping giant ….. yadda, yadda – not for me. High level investors etc…. not relevant, just do the deal. It’s a different level, but take a moment to think of a pal, who talks about how much clout he’s got…. 

So not for me……. appreciate Radio Newcastle had to entertain him…. but not for me, not even close, nowhere close……


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