What’s the Sartori Morning Glory?

Troubled Waters on Wearside at present, thankfully we’ve got the best bridge in the world….,

“When you’re weary…….
……..When tears are in your eyes, I will dry them all…..
Is Sunderland's season over
……Like a bridge over troubled water, I will ease yourself mind”

Ownership of SAFC…..

I’ve no idea what’s going on, I suspect the more respected media, have no idea what’s going on? There’s a chance the current owners perhaps know what’s going on, but I wouldn’t believe a word that they were to say!

I like the idea of the Americans with pots of cash, I’m less keen on the American who doesn’t cut or wash his hair. Sartori…. I’m ok with that?

But he’s mates with those pricks?


He’s clearly no longer pals with the clowns who own 80% of our club. I suspect his bank statement facilitated the EFL passing the purchase as fit and proper? Although to be fair, the EFL could perhaps be hoodwinked??

“It’s a deal, the EFL would like to thank you for your provisional proof of funds”

Juan Jose Sartori Pineyro…..


  • Absolutely minted?
  • Got the measure of those jobbers?
  • Won’t be a Twitter / Media whore – someone would run the club for him?
  • He’s aware of what a complete clusterfuck the club is behind the scenes?


  • Whats the motivation?
  • Longevity?


  • We could do worse?
  • No idea what’s going to happen?
  • This is an average tinpot blog, most people reading it rightly have low expectations…. I’ve no idea what’s going on, at least I’m blissfully unaware rather than running exclusives every day?
“I’m here til 5pm, so anytime before then mush…. happy to multi task and just snort if from off her tits….”
“For Fucks Sake…. this Apple CarPlay Dictation is fucking shite….. I said, SHAKIRA…. not, SHAKE A STICK AT HER?”

Thank you for the Music…..

On the off chance anyone reads this blog on a regular basis, they will be aware that music is hugely important to the artistic integrity of this media output…..

Feast FC 0 vs Famine Fortuna FC 2, (Maddison 11, Grigg 68)

‘I dreamed a dream……..

SAFCBlog – Past it’s Best – FTM

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