Up Next Wednesday on Friday & Monday….

We got absolutely dicked at their gaff, they copped a similar fate up here. Form doesn’t always dictate the outcome of the playoffs, but to be fair, Blackpool were the best team last year and they got promoted. MK Dons fit that description this year, so you’d have to think either us or SWFC will play MK Dons?

Our form….. let’s do this⚽️

Match Preview…..

  • Barry Bannan definitely a potential match winner?
  • That Black bloke who was at WBA and smokes weed, normally scores against us?
  • More in depth analysis avec, (French), over the next few days
  • Might do a graph

Look forward not back…..

  • Yep, we always lose in the play offs
  • Thats irrelevant, best team we’ve had in this division since we sold Josh Maja

The Need For 2 Up Front….

Goalscorers are hard to find at any level….Nathan Broadband is a class act, (albeit injury prone), …. Ross Stewart is a class act, (albeit running on empty). It’s an unpopular opinion, but Defoe fucked us over, (in my opinion), given a chance to return in February….. it should have been a given he would stay til May, (even if on the bench)?

Freefall …..

Mismanagement of any business has consequences, Oldham have just become the 1st team to have played in the Premier League to drop to the abyss of Non League…. whether we get the job done this season, lets not forget that those Southern Pricks could have taken us to a very low ebb…. the absolute bones of our arses ebb

Now > 5 Kips > 7 Kips > 18 Kips > Promotion …..

I’m under no illusions this is at best a tough read? Imagine writing this shite?

We go again Friday….. FTM

This time???

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