0-6…. Unacceptable and Embarrassing

A bad, bad day today…. whilst we were an absolute disgrace, i genuinely don’t believe the players don’t care. 5300 travelled to watch them today, whilst that intensifies the feeling, It’s not a numbers game – i’ve got pals who were part of 250 York fans who watched them wave a white flag at Kiddiminster last Saturday, a shit show is a shit show and today was a shit show of the absolute highest otder.

Gan West……

Glorious day for skulling M62 breakfast beers⚽️

The Match…..

Move on?
  • we look solid with 5 at the back, we look shite with 4 at the back
  • Doyle is sublime with time on the ball, it was obvious today that 4 at the back was the wrong call? even after 10 minutes it was sheff weds all over again?
  • Worth mentioning that Bolton are shit.,,
  • 0-1…. German goalie goes all Lee Camp
  • 0-2…..


0-4 …… headed home

0-5, p-6 …. M62

Nowhere Near Acceptable..

Absolute shocker today….. LJ not foe me, I’ll, get stuck into it tomorrow an absolute embarrassment today

into noT trav

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