Blackpool preview

Blackpool preview

Writing as often as I do lends itself to repetition, that’s all well and good if things are going well? Given things are not going well, it’s pretty depressing writing this, I’ll assume that anyone reading is equally depressed?

Blackpool Preview
It’s only a game???” Sunderland v Blackpool preview
Sunderland v Blackpool match preview
Looking like a huge game on Saturday???”

This time last season we had Josh Maja, he scored 15 goals in 24 games, sadly he was allowed to leave for the sake of a few quid. We now have Will Grigg, he has scored 5 goals in 38 games, sadly he’s on a long term contract that eclipses that of Maja. SAFCBlog is loathe to criticise individuals, (especially when the collective is so poor), BUT ….. fucking hell WillI’m genuinely at a loss, you lousy, lazy bastard.

We started 2019 with a 1-0 win at Blackpool, backed by 7800 travelling fans, an opportunist goal from Maja won the game.

6 weeks later we drew 1-1 at home, shit game as usual – Grigg missed an open goal.

”red vs orange is very confusing – surely Blackpool have an away kit?”

Blackpool have had a torrid time due to desperately irresponsible ownership… after over 30 years of ownership by the Oyston family, as of June 2019 they are now free of the horrible bastards. Onwards and upwards hopefully for a proper club….

Blackpool suffered troubled times
Blackpool preview

Whilst we took 4 points from them last season, they looked decent and they’ve started well this season. Their last 6 games have seen 3 wins and 3 draws – it’s worth noting that 2 of those draws were vs the top 2 of Ipswich and Wycombe and the other draw was away at Burton in a game where they played almost half of the game with10 men. In short…. they are playing well, we are playing shit.

Simon Grayson is their gaffer, his career has been steady, he did well before being at Sunderland, he’s done well since…… sounds familiar?

Ex Sunderland manager Simon Grayson now manages Blackpool
“Grayson – he was OK to be fair, he looked like Einstein compared to Chris Coleman?”

Grayson will have a point to prove – he wasn’t given a fair crack of the whip at Sunderland – so he’ll be right up for it! SAFBlog has just bought a new TV, and I’ve got a Netflix button….. I’m watching Sunderland Til I Die right now…..SG has just cited, “this is a massive football club, but it isn’t going to fix overnight…….” 2 years on, it’s very hard to argue otherwise?

Further to this, the bloke citing “we need to win football matches…. without winning football matches, the place will get WORSE AND WORSE AND WORSE…….” wise, wise words from the fella in the club tie, (whoever he is?)

The voice of reason.

Tough old gig at the moment…. SAFCBlog is built on positivity – but……match prediction is a 1-1 draw, with Grigg offering absolutely shit all.

Haven’t bothered analysing Blackpool as a town, everyone knows the deal….

  • Tired shithole, always windy and full of scotch people


  • Cheap as chips and no worse than Scarborough?

Chris Lowe, the mastermind behind PSB is from Blackpool, whilst his cap remains firmly on, I doff mine sir.

Forget Parkinson Out nonsense – I’m not arsed who reads this…. but internet polls about should he be sacked? Take a fucking look at yourselves….. hopefully the American Dream will become reality in June… but for now, (the jobs almost fucked Sam)…… but stay positive… it’s the only way?
Even Rod knows the score??? Blackpool preview
“Goodnight from SAFCBlog”

Whilst Blackpool at home is the stuff dreams are made of, SAFCBlog is missing a rare home game in favour of some ☀️ sunshine. Idiot A, Idiot B and a bald man who likes custard will review the game – can’t be any worse than the usual piss poor offerings?