Blackpool Tomorrow

October is mental, 2 games a week⚽️ In the bizarre season of lockdown, they beat us 1-0 twice, we were shite in the home game and they scored a worldie. We played well at their gaff and didn’t deserve to lose the game.

Aside from Sunderland and York, I’m not really arsed about any other clubs, obviously Leeds, Mags, Liverpool, Bury are disliked more than others. conversely I have an affinity with some clubs, mostly for random reasons, Lincoln, Hearts and Blackpool are the obvious ones.

Blogging etc

Costa Coffee won’t thank me for sharing my thoughts? there’s no way that Molten Brown are running low on ”black pepper mans bodywash?”. Ganton Golf Club can get fucked as I don’t play in winter, good result for York etc etc. But after the excitement of Adams Blog, tomorrow I will be at the game with Jane, (writes actual books, as in that’s her actual job), and her husband, (I think?), who is a YouTuber, (talking shite but online), and there’s people who said this blog would be a bag of shite? No one reading this is laughing now? I also have an internet friend who wrote a book, (6/10), about Blackpool and an affiliation with a smartly dressed chap, who prior to a free transfer to Thailand via Watford, was one of Englands finest.

Win tomorrow?

They can’t score and we don’t have anyone to play upfront, so potential to not be a goalfest? Whilst eating my pre match meal,⛳️, this morning, a Norwich fan from Halifax with a questionable mullet who went to see Norwich at Blackpool on Saturday, assured me, you’ll be fine, Blackpool are shite…..

Breakfast of Champions✅ best I’ve played in ages⛳️❤️🐶

Blackpool Away

New Years Day, SAFCBlog will be all over that⚽️

They had a good young manager, but he left to not be a manager and be assistant to a not so good young manager, they’ve know got some bloke they sacked a few years ago, which from the outside seems a bit strange?

Match report on Wednesday⚽️

SAFCBlog Predicts …. SAFC 6 vs Blackpool 0 ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

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