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Charlton visit the SOL on Sunday, I don’t follow them with any great interest, but it does seem somewhat surprising how badly they are doing this season? They’ve just won 3 league games this season and 2 of those came in August, they today sacked their manager, I thought Nigel Adkins would do well there, but I don’t have any insight into the stability, (or otherwise), of the club.

Lee Bowyer isn’t universally popular, but once he’d grown out of chucking chairs and chasing Indians around Mill Hill, he became a really good manager, it’s another tough gig for him at Birmingham – but his achievements at Charlton were amazing, they couldn’t even name a full bench when they came to the SOL at the start of their promotion season. Obviously once a manager wants to go, he has to go – but I can’t imagine Charlton would be where they are now if he was still there? Unpopular opinion, but the same can be cited of Barton and Fleetwood, (game of opinions etc).

Johnnie Jackson takes charge of The Addicks on Saturday…..

I’ve never heard of Johnnie Jackson, I’ll be really disappointed if he doesn’t look something like this, (maybe with a checked shirt though?)

Never Look Back…..

There’s rarely any benefit in looking back, but we do of course have history with Charlton…..

This was Heartbreaking……
This was just Annoying…… Maja sold, tactics not brave enough, short armed tosser and Eton Mess taking a punt with our club etc etc…..

That was then, this is now…..

There’s never any guarantees, but we have won all 6 of our home games, they are struggling – this is a game we should win. They always bring a healthy following, until recently they had their own Supporters Club in Hendon, but it’s now a chip shop….

Bouncing Back…..

The rain has been mentioned a bit in relation to our defeat at Portsmouth….. but let’s be honest, we were absolutely dreadful, as previously alluded to never loo back, I’m delighted with how we’ve bounced back, winning all 4 games since….

Losing at Portsmouth = not good…… but it’s better than drawing 5/6 games 1-1?

Big Crowd Saturday’s……

We’re averaging about 31’000 this season, Charlton will bring 1000 or so….. we should probably be pushing 34’000 on Saturday? As always with a big crowd, an early goal would be a huge boost. Hopefully we’re not far off opening the Premier Concourse for a few games, Sheff Weds at Christmas will be a sell out, it would be nice to get 1 more than we did vs Bradford, just to help to erase the memory of that jumped up prick Charlie Methven. Last game missed due to warm weather training for me, but my tickets have gone to a good home and I’ve commissioned a guest photographer for the day, I’ll be back on match duty for the trip to QPR on Tuesday night.

Charlton Squad….

I’ve had a quick look and don’t recognise any of them, the exception being Adam Matthews, I remember him being here, but was surprised to read he was here 4 years and played 59 games….. this is a sad indictment of the malaise, apathey and general crapness, than ran through our club from Moyes onwards for a few depressing years.

Enjoy the game….. SAFCBlog Predicts – SAFC 2 vs CAFC 2

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