Decent Sunderland games revisited ~ Newcastle Away

Part 5 of ‘decent Sunderland games revisited’ – Newcastle away. You can read parts 1 to 4 starting here.

Beat Newcastle 3~0 at the Wonga Dome twice, but the 1~0 was just perfect. Fully appreciate that it’s hard to be objective… but they punch horses and draw on bed sheets…. we don’t.

The 1~0 at The Trafford Centre under Gus, was probably the finest SAFC performance I’ve ever seen ~ but having used the photos and cutting edge journalistic taglines in 4/8; it’s a non starter

We gave United a footballing lesson. Serial Shagger Ryan Giggs didn’t last much longer as their manager! Brotherly love and all that is “thicker than water……”

Before I move onto our 4th win in a row vs the Mags, had a few emails the last few days….

“Bet Harry Gration doesn’t have to put up with this shite?”

Don’t want to get bogged down in the whole lesbian minefield. But… in response to Amanda Dyke of New Brighton…. “this is a sports blog, I’m aware that the Suffragette Movement wasn’t a lesbian situation ~ if I had any gay friends, I’d be sure to treat them nicely. SAFCBlog has no prejudice whatsoever ~ you should grow your hair and let it down?

Onto the game…. Sunday 21st December 2014. Let’s be honest ~ we don’t like each other? League position aside if we were to make it 4 wins in row, that’s really going to hurt them?

Game in words…..

“Play great / should be at least 3~0 up/ looks like being 0~0/90th minute winner makes going to football worthwhile

Game in pictures…….

“Ginger piss biscuit”
Happy Christmas to everyone in Newcastle
“Thank you and goodnight to Sid James Park
Always pleasant banter to be had?
Sometimes football is great!
Agreed to have a photo with AJ after our Boxing Day loss to Hull…. “4 in a row…. 2 more fingers Adam and it’s 6, (wins not years), anyway, do you know a decent Chinese with parking? (Asking for a friend of a friend)

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