Everton 3 – 0 ~ decent games revisited

Sunderland 3 Everton 0 – decent games revisited

Welcome to part 1 of 8 (yes eight) when we look back a few years to when we weren’t quite so shite, (all relative though). First up Everton in 2016 at the SOL.

11th May 2016, 4 days prior we’d somehow beaten Chelsea whilst the hapless mags led by a fat Spanish waiter had failed to beat villa ~ so having thought we’d go down, all of a sudden, if we beat Everton we continue our Premier League journey.

SAFCBlog into month 4 now and whilst zero sponsorship achieved and no money made; bizarrely people are reading… this time next year Rodders…..?

Fuck knows how we beat Chelsea? But going to cover that game later this week. It’s weds 11th May 2016, the sun is out and if we beat Everton we stay up and send the mags down, all in all a good Wednesday beckons?

SAFCBlog welcomes all feedback, (for now), once again the media team have been inundated with high brow letters, faxes, telegrams and web mails……

David Chicken of Istanbul wrote, “do you like going to shops? I do. I’ve got a denim jacket”, (not for the first time, a bit weird?)

Alison Gator of Sydney wrote, “I’m glad the interweb is shit in Australia ~ you’re a knob”

Colin Greenwood of Cock End Close wrote, “do you have a petrol hedge trimmer I could borrow?”

Arthur Todger of no fixed abode…. thanks for you offer and I’m aware it’s a good pricepoint , but there’s a limit to how many frozen chickens I need/can store domestically.

Load of fucking cranks aside ~ lots of positives…. offer of a guest blogger, (real normal person!), and numerous retweets, including 2, (two), from people who aren’t my brother or a bloke in York who owes me £250, (must be 1st June soon?). Mark and Jimmy on standby if a “collection” needs to be mobilised!


Everton 3 - 0 ~ decent games revisited
Over 3 years ago ~ but probably the last really enjoyable 90 minutes at the SOL?

Everton are hapless under Martinez, it was always going to be tough following Moyes, (proper manager, probably out of our league ~ but he’d be a great fit for us?) Quite like Everton, over the years I’ve met plenty of football supporting types… in summary “Everton = us” / “Liverpool = Mags

Roberto Martinez ~ clueless

Still a bit nervous about the game, they have good players? Lukaku destroyed us in the 2~6 at their gaff!? Fortunately Everton are shite ~ shocking really, but it’s impossible to play football without a heart?

3 zip ~ piece of piss

So…. survival sorted, mags led by a fat Spanish waiter relegated. After years of struggle ~ it’s going to be decent following Sunderland. Happy days……..

Everton 3 - 0 ~ decent games revisited
For fucks sake…… England lose to Kerry Cantona’s Finland

Timeline in short reads as…..

Stay up, squad decent, great manager, Sam and Ellis sit up til 4am getting pissed and making plans in the Hilton, England lose to Greenland, Sam goes, Ellis loses his mojo, load of shit managers and shithouse players, Ellis finally gets rid of club to a couple of gobshites who will look to flip ASAP……. (think that pretty much covers the last 3 years)

Anyway, Sam, (I’m sure you are reading)…..

Everton 3 - 0 ~ decent games revisited
3~0. Left to right… Harold Bishop, Morrissey, Dad.

Sam ~ no apologies for sentiment and emotion ~ you brought some huge happiness. Supporting Sunderland has been mostly shite of late…. but sometimes, just sometimes it’s fucking mint…..

Everton 3 - 0 ~ decent games revisited
Everton 3 - 0 ~ decent games revisited
“Rafagation complete”

Tomorrow ……. Defoe destroys Chelsea….

Last word from Big Phil, (more about him in Swansea revisited on Wednesday!), and a Jamie. Mags and others have copied… enjoy this video FTM


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