Best Sunderland matches revisited ~ Sunderland v Chelsea 07.05.16

Sunderland v Chelsea – decent games revisited

In part 2 of ‘best Sunderland matches revisited’ we look back at a classic encounter at the SOL between Sunderland and Chelsea.

Whilst Chelsea are a powerhouse of modern day Association Soccerball. Anyone one over the age of about 35, will have grown up in an era when Chelsea were mostly shite, until a Russian took over, (no sarcasm about Ronan Artovich ~ not fucking with them bad ass vodka snorting mad bastards 🇷🇺). Full credit to him, they went from being famous for a Flower Show and Football Hooligans to winning stuff.

Prior to reviewing the Sunderland v Chelsea game, huge thanks to the many of you who have recently contacted SAFCblog, (all comments welcome to ).

Full time journalism a piece of piss, loads of visitors now ~ not quite tapped into free pies and ale ~ but it’s definitely on the horizon I’d say?

Roger from Durham said, “I like trains”

R. Moat of Northumberlandshire wrote, “I’ve seen things, what’s your phone number?” (Not for the first time, a bit weird?)

Derek Kippax of Platt Lane, Moss Side wrote, “ey up our kid, I’m allowed on a computer again, (under supervision at the Library), fucking ave it geeza”

Craig Coriander of India wrote, “this blog is fucking shit”

Mary Hinge of Soho has a lifetime ban.

Stuart Donald of Oxford, Parachute Payment Street said, “no more selfies for you, you pisstaking twat, I saved the colour of the seats at your club”

Can’t help thinking it might be time to police the communications, anyone with a knowledge of deterring fucking cranks online, please contact the SAFCBlog media team at your earliest convenience.

Mixed bag of reviews, but SAFCBlog remains positive ~ flying now; 4, (four), retweets yesterday! 2, (two), of which weren’t from family members or debtors.

Onto the small matter of the match.

Best football matches revisited ~ Sunderland v Chelsea


“And we’re off”


“Quick photo ~ this could be the last premiership game you see for sometime!?”


“Don’t worry, if we end up in the championship ~ we’ll win loads more games……

So, we are playing Chelsea, (good team), fat Spanish waiter takes his team to Villa, (desperate team): common sense suggests that we lose and the Mags win?

0~1 to a Costa goal early on.

Khazri equalises with a stunning strike, (yep, I’d taken my match companion to the loo and missed it!)

Best football matches revisited ~ Sunderland v Chelsea


Pick that one out!!!!!!

Excitement over it’s soon 1~2.

Then…… one of those all too rare wonderful footballing moments happens!

Best football matches revisited ~ Sunderland v Chelsea


2~2….. surely not???

Best football matches revisited ~ Sunderland v Chelsea


Fucking hell…. it’s 3~2!!!!!!!!

Mags draw 0~0 at Villa. It’s on!

All have to do now is beat Everton, (who are shite). Happy days… regular readers will have last week thoroughly enjoyed the Everton game revisited article!

Everton game turned out to be a wonderful Wednesday ~ every now and then footie is fucking mint. On those rare occasions it is with SAFC, make sure you enjoy every minute. I had one of the best nights ever with dad ~ “never look back”, I always say ~ but sadly that was his last visit to the SOL

Next up ~ part 3/8 of ‘best Sunderland matches revisited’ a hastily arranged local derby at Swansea City.

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