Huge Game Tomorrow…. SWFC Away….

The tie is perfectly poised, HUGE night tomorrow….
Overall I thought it was a positive performance the other night, lots of good performances, (notably Wright & Evans), but equally lots of opportunities to do better.

Playing Away…..

Going to away games is great fun, it’s, (thankfully), very different than it was in the 80’s & 90’s. It’s impossible not to compare tomorrow Portsmouth away 3 years ago, 1-0 up and going into the Lions Den….. the thrill and buzz of the 0-0 at Portsmouth was superb, I’ve heard it was a crap game? i’ve not watched any of it since…. what’s the point? Tomorrow will be tense as fuck, the ground will be bouncing…. I’m happy to not ever see the highlights on TV…. just being there could be the most perfect of evenings?⚽️

Tight, very, very, very tight…..

Felt a bit weird driving home on Friday, we’d won and kept a clean sheet, (*apologies in advance to my hotel of choice for the final, there will be nee clean sheets that night….). Cliche central, but it’s half time…. bizarre though as we could so easily have won 3-0, tomorrow night just one of them goals will feel like gold dust?

Nervous? Moi?

I’ve not, (to date), got any recognised qualiifactions in french vocab, but if I did….. “mon deriere est chewing le caramels 🇫🇷 “

Early Doors….

First 20 minutes is huge…. we know that…. bring it on….they’ve got to come at us, that will suit….. SAFCBlog Predicts SWFC 0 vs SAFC 2 ⚽️⚽️


  • We need to not lose?
  • I actually reckon we will win?
  • But…… if the worse happens? Alex Neil is 100% the man to get us out of this league…. 100%⚽️

A Happy Monday?

I reckon so…….✅

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