Huge week ahead at the Stadium of light…..

Huge week ahead for Sunderland

It would be naive to not acknowledge that morale and positivity on board the Good Ship Sunderland, is on it’s proverbial arse?

We play Coventry on Saturday and then Burton 3 sleeps after that, both games at The Stadium Of Light…. Coventry were the last team to win at the SOL in the league, whilst we’ve not been adverse to the odd 1-1, that’s 1 defeat in 33 home league games!

SAFCBlog got to the point of almost making a few quid… but for now, I’d rather crack on with a bit of positivity & honesty, and I’d rather a few hundred people read and enjoy, rather than piss people off with adverts etc.

As always, the wonderful game of Association Football is rightly, a Game of Opinions. I’m not a huge viewer of Social Media, but positivity seems to currently be at a premium?


There’s lots wrong…..

  • Ownership….. anyone seen SD?
  • Players…. not at the level seen previously, but there’s a few, (well two?), who don’t seem to give a shit? I’d love to be proven wrong and I’m mindful not to name anyone. But…… hypothetically speaking, For fucks sake Will and Aiden……
  • Hangover from last year… don’t for 1 minute underestimate how much of a kick in animal crackers, losing in the 96th minute at Wembley was…..
Huge Week Ahead At The Stadium Of Light
Wembley = shit

Huge Week Ahead At The Stadium Of Light Jack Ross has gone
Just a game etc etc…. but fucking hell, what a horrible, horrible day?
(Edit…. on the pitch; off the pitch it was a truly great day boys)

Forgetting that, there’s lots right……..

  • Our squad = categorically good enough to piss this league?
  • Our gaffer = proven and categorically good enough to lead us to promotion?
  • Cup games = never want to lose? But thank fuck we are out of everything?

Whilst Coventry and Burton are both top 10 teams come what May; Coventry haven’t won away in fucking ages … in fact since their last visit! There’s absolutely no reason not to beat them? SAFCBlog predicts a 2-0 win, with zero contribution from Grigg, (prove me wrong please Will)

Tough gig this football malarky…..

Hope at the Stadium of Light
“Worse than the expectation?”

“We must…..
see you 3pm Saturday @ Stadium Of Light”

No more cup games is great, it’s all about the league now? Yes….. we’d rather not be in this tinpot, piss poor, shite league? We are on our arse? The valuation of the club is not based on this league? BUT…….momentum is everything, we need to capture some positivity, our league position is ok…. so let’s stick together, get right behind the lads on Saturday and do this?

Believe needed at the Stadium of Light
”don’t stop believing………”
4.55pm Saturday……
Sunderland 2 Coventry 0

Mixed bag of communication this week, Colin Greenwood of Winter Rules Boulevard, Scarcroft emailed to suggest the blog lacked organisation. With this in mind, I’m trialling a new feature… planning ahead; key SAFC dates between now and May 2020, (catchy eh?)

……. on 11/02/20, we play Rochdale at home. Rochdale is the hometown of SAFCBlog Ambassador Anna Friel….


So, Saturday…… 3pm……. let’s cheer the lads onto a colossal 3 points……ALL TOGETHER NOW…..


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