International Break Time

Aside from superfan Garry Summerson, compliments for SAFCBlog are infrequent, the most common review that is vaguely positive is it’s prolific. Tough to write about football when there’s no football? With this in mind SAFCBlog is having an International Break for a week or so, going to tidy my office, get stuff done, train up the dog to stop eating my stuff, going to go to the seaside, if anyone can check on Garry Summerson and make sure Kris Day has plenty to eat, it should be a fairly straightforward hiatus? That said, if I think of anything to write I will, just a tough gig when no football.

It’ll be Preston at home before you can say I’m in love with Jewison Bennette Villegas
Got to be looking at 40’000, Shirley?

Cost 1 vs Value 0

When we were in the Premiership, (6 years ago), away tickets were capped at £30, most clubs signed up for a reciprocal Twenty is Plenty. Adult tickets were £30 at Watford on Saturday, the cost of travel is on an upward spiral, it’s got to be time to cap the pricing?

£32.50 is not acceptable in the current climate

2 weeks?

It’s a long time not to play football, but seeing how much TM did with these boys in 2 days last week, imagine how good we will be in 2 weeks?

All roads lead to the Goyang Auxillary Stadium, 4am kick off time here, checked diary and I’m free⚽️


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