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Not everyone likes routine, although I like routine, vintage showing from Jenny the Vixen Ryan on The Chase tonight, whilst it’s all relative and a low bar, she must Shirley be the cleverest person from Bolton? I’ve only really been to the football in Bolton, but far from being clever, if anything the locals seemed a bit backwards? Whilst under review my routine involves writing this shite for 25 minutes before I make the girls some tea. Exciting night at SAFCBlog HQ last night…..
3, (THREE), comments a new SAFCBlog feedback record
Bolton….. crock of gold my arse
Welcome to Bolton, European City of Crapness

Competition News

A completely random draw was made, (with independent witnesses), this was conducted this afternoon, under strictly controlled conditions…..

the draw has been made……….

Thanks to everyone who entered, the winner of a limited edition t shirt in association with is SAFCBlog Superfan and Cumbrian Farmhand Garry Summerson. SAFCBlog is delighted for him, (he’s not about to win a beauty contest 🥊or a photography competition?), well done Garry – winners are grinners ⚽️👍

Jewison Bennette Villegas watch

Steady on you clumsy Costa Rican fucker….. Jewison has a Championship to win?”

Content 0 vs Routine 1, (Walsh, B 44)

100% not going to get any better for about 8 or 9 days, still better than most things on TV. FTM

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