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Monday 19th September 2022

A hugely important emotive day for the UK today, I toyed with the idea of whether it was Right to Write today? I decided it was OK, like most folk I’ve dipped out of any commercial or social interaction today. We’ve all had the pain of loss, regardless of how public or private this is, it’s tough and there’s no right or wrong way to deal with it. I struggle with church ceremonies of any type since saying goodbye to my dad, like many others – certain places are too much for me. It feels ok to me to write today, it’s actually a help to me, but that’s just me. We’ve all had loss, sadness and grief about people sadly departed, there’s also lots of loved ones lost who are still the right side of the ground💔. May be peace be with us all in the best way it can❤️. There’s never an obligation to read, but it felt appropriate to say why I was writing.

Photographer news

Absolute shit show of late, it’s not for the want of trying, a possible exciting development today after SAFCBlog was approached by a man who has a proper camera…..

Trial shift booked in for either Swansea, Blackburn or Luton away – watch this space⚽️ T shirt model potential a bonus✅

Remote Control news

I’ve really enjoyed both trips and both games this week, it’s been one of my favourite weeks ever watching SAFC. The only downside, (might be an over 50 thing?), is the realisation that two late nights and driving 1000 miles in 4 days to watch football is absolutely exhausting. As always we make choices and there’s no issue falling asleep in front of the TV is there?
Cute on on the left🐶 = no problem at all✅ …. Knobber on the right = free to a good home


Only superficial damage after the Watford Snoozes?

Whether First Dates should be password protected is one issue, the zero button not working when your passcode is 1307 is a major issue?

Blogging a dead cause?

No football for a while, the natural thing is to have a few days off writing this shite as there’s nowt to write about? The irony is when there’s no football, I’ve got time on my hands but nothing to write about….
“How long????”

I’ll think of something, but it’s probably more famine that feast in the world of bang avarage digital content. Might be a good time to write some lists, tidy up, crack on with writing the book etc. Hugely optimistic with on pitch matters, no games… but wow, imagine watching those fine young men with magic in their boots in training❤️⚽️

The next 5 games

I was 100% onboard with the need to manage expectations this season, and I’m not getting carried away / giddy….. but these are our next 5 games⚽️ You decide?

How High?

Who knows? Exciting times at SAFC, equally exciting times at SAFCBlog, gone from receiving highlighter pens and coasters to feeling the love of reviews….. issue 916/1000 tonight ⚽️🔥

Is Kris Day free?…Tell him it’s a free buffet….
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