Jack Ross watch……

All sorts of shite in the media about Jack being under pressure, (SAFCBlog still Trusts in Jack 100%). But……JACK ROSS WATCH…….GAME CHANGER LAST NIGHT!!!

For every Tracksuit jobber Klopp, there’s a Pep Guardiola?

Whilst we’ve been shite on the pitch for years, it finally seemed that things were sailing on the calm in the dugout in the respect of how the gaffer was dressing?

Jack Ross Watch
You wear it well….”
Jack Ross Watch
Jog on league 1 jobbers…..”

As discussed we’ve been through the mill….

“It was going so well Gus……”
“1980s PE Teacher clobber?”

Paul Tidsdale next up at SOL….. hadn’t envisaged any fashion challenge to Jack?


Last night was a shocker?

Jack Ross Watch
Game changer….

In the same way Boris suspended work at the main council offices of Westminster….

Prorogation (great word), is in operation at SAFCBlog, I’ve not got full access to the Queen, (but I wouldn’t lie to her, imagine if she found out?). Jack Fashion Watch is prorogued …. I’ll review on Saturday, once we’ve seen how he decides to dress for the MK Dons match.