Jack Ross…..where do we go from here?

SAFCBlog has been a firm supporter of Jack Ross, it would be naive to ignore that time is surely running out for him and that all is not well at the Good Ship Sunderland?
Ultimately my desire for him to succeed is born out of a desire for SAFC to be doing well? Over the last few months I’ve offered many words of support…..

  • He’s clearly a good man
  • He handles himself well at all times
  • I’ll admit I have an emotional attachment of sorts in the respect of where I sit in the SOL
  • We are all desperate for stability
  • He steadied a shitstorm of a club, in terms of player behaviour, off pitch problems, being a laughing stock in the media etc

I’m not at ease with the abuse of anyone, and have been desperate for it to work out for JR…. The need to Stay Classy is paramount….BUT……it’s a results game, the following cannot be ignored?

  • However it is dressed up, last season was a failure?
  • We are no better than last year?
  • St Mirren are a small club, we are a huge club… sometimes a job is too big?
  • Our squad is the best in the division by a mile?
  • We don’t seem to learn from defeats?
  • I am no student of the game…. but yesterday, we played circa 30 long balls to the head of Wyke to no avail; conversely they kept it on the deck and used both wings! Out fought = players fault. Out thought = managers fault?
  • Sometimes a relationship doesn’t work? After 20 minutes yesterday, it just felt like Peterborough again?

Anyone who reads SAFCBlog regularly will be aware of my views on our current ownership, we’re all desperate for the takeover to happen. If it doesn’t happen, we may as well stick with JR, as current owners don’t have a pot to piss in and cannot take the club forward. Takeover = the sky’s the limit?.….. No takeover = we’ll be the Coventry of the North East?

So…. where do we go from here??? I guess it all hinges on the takeover? If it comes to fruition, sadly I’d say that Jack Ross isn’t the man for the job? If it doesn’t come off, the manager of the team will be the least of our worries?


Jack Ross.....Where Do We Go From Here?
times are a changin Jack Ross
Hopefully, hopefully…….
Jack Ross.....Where Do We Go From Here?
Huge few weeks ahead for the future of SAFC?
It’ll go one way or the other? No mid ground?



JACK………………. It’s hurts to say, but it may be time up…..

I’m sorry Jack…..
Sorry Jack……


STAY CLASSY – let’s leave behaving like idiots to those horrible black and white fools up the road?

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