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Cheltenham Away, Losing 2-1 in 3 Parts….

SAFCBlog is built on positivity, losing 3 games in a row to crap teams doesn’t lend itself to positivity. When positivity bites hard, I guess the best approach is to be realistic and objective, this can be a challenge when…

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SAFCBlog Johnny Rocks Stadium Tuesday Night Post Modern Bricolage Thought Club….

Cheltenham….. It’s absolutely fucking miles away, if we perform the same way we have the last 2 games, I could be headed North after 45 minutes, at least for the races you get a full 4 days on the piss?…

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The Blame Game, The Day after….

Absolute shocker yesterday, we were absolutely woeful, as I alluded to yesterday there were so many fundamentals so, so wrong…. Lose 6 nil last week > send the same team out this week Woeful first half > change nowt at…

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Rudderless – SAFC 1 vs DRFC 2

We don’t have a manager, just as after Parkinson was sacked a whole week has passed without an appointment, a further similarity was we were hosting bottom of the league – not for the first time, I suspect today was…

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Doncaster Tomorrow – Just One Kip….

Quite a Week….. Even by Sunderland standards, what a week….. Today….. All manner of reports that Keane is about to be appointed….. he’s due on ITV tonight, surely he won’t be there? Tomorrow….. So much going on that the fact…

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SAFCBlog New Manager Speculation SPZL

New Gaffer? Despite being a journalist, I tend not to read or watch much news, Roy Keane has emerged as the overwhelming favourite….. although very little from the club so far, so it might not be the done deal that…

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Mid-Week of a Mad-Week…..

It’s only Wednesday and loads has happened already this week….. decent transfer window, obviously the focus has been on Defoe, but the lad from Fleetwood is a fantastic signing. Regular readers, (*), will know SAFCBlog is a Graph Master, there’s…

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SAFCBlog…. Manic Monday SPZL

A Lot Happening….. …… an awful lot Just as it did for Poyet at Bradford and Jack Ross at Lincoln, sometimes the nature and manner of a defeat, just render a job untenable? LJ had to go after Saturday 100%…

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SAFCBlog 0-6 Sunday Debrief…..

Yesterday wasn’t very good, football is an emotional game, people care, people have differing opinions. The result and performance yesterday was aways going to raise passions, we have a huge fanbase, the higher the numbers the more opinions there are…

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0-6…. Unacceptable and Embarrassing

A bad, bad day today…. whilst we were an absolute disgrace, i genuinely don’t believe the players don’t care. 5300 travelled to watch them today, whilst that intensifies the feeling, It’s not a numbers game – i’ve got pals who…

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