Paper 1 Vs Grass 0, (after extra time)

Paper 1 vs Grass 0 (After Extra Time)

Football is wonderfully unpredictable, at present 2 points separate 7 teams. ‘Guessing‘ how things will end up is nonsense, even the much coveted SAFCBlog Super Computer is not 100% reliable.

Ideally ‘Play the Games’, alternatively ‘Void The Season’…. but don’t just ‘Guess the Results……

The Beautiful Game

I love football, more so I love everything about football. It consumes loads of my time, realistically even when I’m allowed to travel the length of the country , it doesn’t really matter what division we are in. Sour grapes are not on the menu at SAFCBlog.

Should a ball boy be….. a) retrieving balls? b) on his phone?

Sweet FA

On 3rd January I wrote to the FA to highlight that the ballboys at Fleetwood were clearly under instructions to not retrieve the ball at 0-1. No reply – I’m probably one of footballs better customers? No reply is not acceptable?

The Powers That Be

Looks like we’re going to miss out on the opportunity to earn promotion. Self interest and preservation come to the fore, but if we were 5th I’d be saying let’s play – we can get automatic promotion. 


It’s an absolute joke, football is beautifully unpredictable, it’s exciting, it’s emotional, it’s uplifting….. erm…. it’s decided on paper! 

I’m not fussed what league we are in, we got relegated twice because we deserved to – no complaints. Similarly we had miraculous escapes because we deserved them – those who went down could have no complaints. 

The Options

A – ideally play the season out

B – void the season 

C – there is no C

Tranmere Rovers

Due to a cup run and a dodgy pitch, Tranmere have games in hand, they have 10 games left. They have won 8 of their 34 games and are 3 points from safety ….. however they are in form and have won their last 3 games. It’s just wrong on every level of sporting integrity that they look like being relegated? Football will never be an exact science, sadly it looks like it’s going to be treated as such?

The Beautiful Game

I accepted premier league relegation, championship relegation, play off heartbreak X lots… should get what you deserve in football? Fabricating league positions is just wrong!

“And the winner of the League 1 lottery raffle is………”

Right 0 Vs Wrong 1, (AET – Grigg own goal)

I couldn’t give a shit about other teams, I’d be offended if any other teams gave a shit about us. I love football. I don’t particularly want…. Liverpool to win the league, dirty Leeds to go up, Coventry to go up….. I’d like Harrogate and York City to get promoted.. what I’d really like is for it to be played out on the pitch when it’s safe an feasible – if the worst come to the worst it needs to be voided? Games played = a result…. Games not played = a guess. 

A neighbour of mine is a Scotch bloke called Ron, (Scotch Ron), he supports Partick Thistle….. they’ve just been relegated as they are bottom of the league…. BUT…. they have a game on hand that if they won, they’d be out of the relegation places. It’s just fucking wrong?


Stay home save lives Man Utd 0 Sunderland 1
SAFCBlog – Poetic Pandemic Madness

8,9,10 games to go…… fuck it, just guess….. wrong on every level

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RT @NewcastIeNUFC: Newcastle United have issued the following club statement.……

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