SAFC 1 vs Luton 1

Match Preview

Busy as fuck yesterday, so didn’t get round to previewing the match.

We drew against them twice under Jack Ross, (1-1????), we drew 1-1 down there in September, probably a fair result?

There for 10.50am
Shit ground
Met that fat lad who sells hooligan clothes and nearly pegged it


It’s an absolute shithole, famous for reciprocated racism

Green Street 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean 2, both look a bit shit?

SAFCBlog predicts …. SAFC 1 vs LTFC 1


game on

1st half

Dull 0-0

2nd half


0-1, free kick taken from wrong place, making it a shooting opportunity rather than a crossing opportunity

1-1, probably not a penalty, but Amad smashed it home.

Full time, a fair result, thought we played ok

As always, difficult to win games without strikers? Goals = Wins = Points

Our season is over, I’d have taken mid table in August, but we were right in the mix before our only striker got injured. Big summer ahead, but watching a bang average 4th place Luton today was frustrating, as we could have been right up there had we got the January Transfer Window right?

Mid table

We’d have taken it in August, but ultimately it’s a bit boring? I hadn’t thought about it before today, but it’s ages since we had such a scenario? 4 years of survival + relegation + 4 promotion chases, that’s 9 years of, (relative), excitement – mid table mediocrity isn’t particularly exciting, but given where we’ve been, I’m happy with it.

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