SAFCBlog #1021 – Norwich Away Preview

We’re playing shit, Norwich are decent, Sunday could be painful⚽️

Norwich is along way, it’s the same distance regardless of the kick off time, but noon on a Sunday is a pisstake? At least we don’t have a midweek defeat to attend?

Add 90 minutes to that for those travelling from Wonderland

Just like we always seemed to play Palace away on a Monday night, Norwich away always seems to be a stupid kick off time? Our previous 3 trips have been awkward at best, week before Wembley under Gus, (11 men just trying to not get injured), 12.30pm under Sam, (great day), 12.45pm under Grayson, (about as good as things got in The Championship)

Stupid kick off time > sold out no problem

One positive is that the homeward journey can be made in daylight, another positive is I’m not driving, a short fat man who likes Crème Eggs and helping Ukrainians is at the wheel, it remains to be seen if the ex SAFCBlog Photographer can get his shoes on by 5.30am, also taking a Norwich fan, (shit hair/good at golf), what else is there to do on a Sunday?

See you at 10.30am on Sunday

Are Norwich any good?


People from Norwich

Anyone who occasionally reads this shite will be aware that whilst predominantly a football blog, SAFCBlog is also a cutting edge lifestyle digital publication, not everyone in Norwich has 6 fingers and eyebrows on their cheeks, there’s a few notable celebrities

Pisscan Delia Smith
Stephen Fry, intelligent, funny and wealthy, he’s up their with farmhand Garry Summerson as the ultimate Fanny Magnet, cows ok Gaz?
Pub landlord and king of breakfast beers, Tim Martin, (“Tim, is there any chance the Punchbowl in York can start serving ale at 8am rather than 9am on a Saturday when we have a London away day?”)

Lorry driving prostitute killer, Steve Wright


Last time, 0-1⚽️

We play them at the weekend under very different post Stoke vibes, in August we’d just won at Stoke, sadly when we played them that Baldy Prick Alex Neil chose to sit in the stands watching Stoke, (despite still being employed by us). We dominated the game, we lost due to the caretaker management duo of Procter & Dodds, not understanding the use of substitutes, has there ever been a worse caretaker than Ian Huntley?

Thanks for promotion, but no need to attend that game you shit jacket wearing, baldy prick….

It’s only 6 months since we played Norwich, we obviously need to find a way to score more often, (we will), but I’m so sure that we are on the up, after years of utter shite, it’s lovely to be able to look so positively at the future, onwards and upwards fucking, we’ve got this 100%

A digital world

SAFCBlog is fortunate to be extremely IT savvy, the world is changing…..

This is piss poor, yes offer it as an option, but to make it obligatory is poor and lacks inclusivity?
Sunday? fucking Norwich? We always have a long walk on a Sunday you idiot”….. “it’s a noon kick off, I’m off at 5.30am”…..”fucking noon, you don’t deserve dogs, I’m ringing the RSPCA”…. “Sorry”….. “fuck off and get a cat you cranky fucker”…. “Sorry” ….. “we hope you get beat”…. “We will”….. good, Garry Summerson would leave his cows”
SAFCBlog – Canine Lifestyle Digital Specialists for almost 4 years, I’m sure – FTM

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  1. Surely….”there are” a few notable celebrities? Surely? Sorry I’m late, just catching up. Did the bearded one have his trainers on in time?

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