SAFCBlog #966/1000, Monday Club⚽️🍺

No SAFC for a few weeks due to the World Cup….

The World Cup

We all know it’s a fucking shambles, the time for discussing this was the last 10 years, it’s happening now, so there’s no point not watching it? Friday is my new favourite day of the week and Monday is my least favourite, so England playing at 1pm on a Monday is lovely, rather than finish early, I decided to just not go to work.

Iran are clearly shite, but historically we start tournaments slowly, so a convincing win is a huge positive, next game on Friday, confidence is high, we need to get straight into them from the very first minute and fucking smash them🍕🍺⚽️✅ I’m hugely confident that we will.


I love football, although I also like watching The Chase, Google box & 1st Dates, I’ve no issue with the footie being on ITV, but what’s the point of ITV2, ITV3 & ITV 4, if you don’t use said platform to show The Chase? Absolute fucking shambles.


Giddy to see Bennette take the world by storm for Costa Rica 🇨🇷


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Shit blog tonight?

Yes, average at best, but imagine writing this shite? Less than 2 weeks til we play Millwall, can’t wait for that, going to make a right day of it, borderline giddy ⚽️💥

6 months ago today❤️⚽️

Words can only say so much, just the perfect day⚽️✅ start of something really, really good. Onwards and fucking upwards is the plan⚽️
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