SAFCBlog #999, Magic of the Cup SPZL

Cup Fever
Probably not? But why not?”

Good day at Shrewsbury yesterday, we made moderate work of cruising, easing, breezing past Shrewsbury, but ultimately it’s a results business? A few IT / unuser friendly issues, meant that todays cutting edge video didn’t happen, I’ll do it in the next round.

The Draw..

Fulham away, happy with that, 3pm in London, what’s not to love ❤️

I’ve not, (to date), been part of the ITV commentary team, so haven’t railed the presenter, if was in said situation I’d be covert and employ subtext, I’ve no issue with Ally railing Laura, but at least brush your hair and put your pants and shoes back on Laura?

The magic of the cup

I only know one person who is actually magic, see you in a few weeks pal

We always win at Craven Cottage? 2023 is ours?❤️🐶
SAFCBlog – 999 not out – FTM

Do you believe in a thing called magic?

I didn’t ever believe, but I do always now ✅🪑💥🐶🛁❤️🔴⚪️⚽️🪑⚪️🔴⚽️🪑🍕👙🏴‍☠️🛁🪑✅⚪️🔴🐶❤️⚽️

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