SAFCBlog Early Doors Championship Thoughts Sunday SPZL

New Season Excitement….

Excitement not really my bag, I’m never that arsed about the fixture release, but I’m fairly giddy, (*), about Thursdays Fixture Release, no FA Cup rounds 1 & 2 either, so at least we can lose to someone less shite than Mansfield Town.

The Teams….

Good to see Wigan fucked already

It’s no secret how competitive The Championship is, after 4 years of League 1 football, its great to be looking ahead to the new season….we have a great manager, time will tell if we spend any cash on new players. It would be folly to pretend I’ve researched, but for the good of North Yorkshires Premier Digital SAFC Themed Independent Blog, may as well have a guess at how next season will pan out! There’s 24 teams, it’s too early to be too scientific with predictions, (graphs and all that clever shite), but 24/3 = 8….. so let’s go Top 8 / Middle 8 / Bottom 8

Top, Middle or Bottom?

“Oh shite…… Stuart Lubbock says Top or Middle please Bazza….”

SAFCBlog Predicts….

In no particular order….

TOP 8….. Bristol City, Burnley, Hull City, Middlesbrough, Norwich City, Sheff U, SAFC, Watford

MIDDLE 8….. Blackburn, Huddersfield Town, Luton Town, QPR, Reading, PNE, Swansea City, WBA

BOTTOM 8….. Birmingham City, Blackpool, Cardiff City, Coventry City, Millwall, Rotherham United, Stoke City, Wigan Athletic


Hit The North….

I’d never complain about the distance to games, (ultimately it’s my choice), but….. next season looks Lovely and Northern, reckon I’ve got 12 Away Days closer than a Home Day ……

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