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Only one more sleep til we smash those Yorkshire, (west), jobbers Huddersfield to go into the top 6 and commence our countdown to winning at Wembley.

goals, goals, goals, I’m looking for a good time

It’s been a great season, we’ve scored some great goals, hard to narrow it down, but I’ve chosen a Top 8, given how good we are on the counter attack it’s no surprise that 6/8 have come away from home and 8/8 are a result of passing play rather than long range strikes?

Exciting randomly drawn competitions are nothing new to SAFCBlog, to win just retweet or like this drivel, given the prize involves spending time with SAFCBlog, no cranks and a cut off age of 63 please. Winner will be contacted via DM / email on Friday.

#1 Gooch @ Sheff Utd

We lost, so this goal a bit overlooked, an early bath for DN and the way Gooch smashed it home was a sign of the season ahead

#2 Clarke @ Reading

#3 Diallo @ Huddersfield

#4 Diallo @ Birmingham

#5 Clarke @ QPR

#6 Ba @ Norwich

#7 Clarke vs Hull

#8 Diallo vs Birmingham

** aware Diallo goal at Coventry was decent, but we’d fucked off home by then

Voting closes at 1pm tomorrow

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2 thoughts on “SAFCBlog Goal Of The Season SPZL

  1. Clarke vs Reading ????
    His strikes against Fulham and Bristol City at home were both mint too ????

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