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Rare photo of Dale Winton, John Candy and Ryan Giggs

I’m bored already, the WC starts on Sunday, ordinarily that would be a source of much excitement, as discussed I’m ambivalent towards it at best, that said I’m looking forward to watching Wright, Bennette & England. It’s just weird that the WC starts in 3 days, whilst I’ve got my wallchart flattened, (will endeavour to get it up before the weekend), there’s no adverts, no sweepstakes etc, we all know it shouldn’t be happening. It dawned on me tonight whilst putting my Sainsbury’s delivery away, (I’ve not worked as a supermarket picker, but if someone orders own brand fizzy water, sending own brand still water will never be acceptable? Fucking tinpot water knobbers), anyway – non of the brands seem to be on board with the World Cup, there’s no shit WC tat at the petrol station, no idiots who know fuck all about football suddenly becoming experts . I don’t really go anywhere apart from the football, the golf club, the seaside, the tip and dog walking, but I suspect even McDonalds aren’t even on board?

Next Week

Monday is the worst day of the week, it’s just a shit day, although next Monday England play a WC game at 1pm⚽️ That makes Monday next week much better than normal✅
Monday Club ⚽️🍺 1pm Monday, can’t wait, meet at 12.30pm🍺 Don’t be late✅ Usual table💥⚽️🍺


Friday is as good as Monday is shit, working week is finished and the match the next day, what’s not to love⚽️✅

Last Friday we won at Birmingham, it was tremendous, I’d already made plans to have a full day of it next Friday, (4 WC matches including England vs USA at 7pm), proper fucking day. SAFC today announced they will play a friendly at 1pm next Friday💥 Unsure whether it’ll be on SAFCSEE, but I’m sure it’ll be TV, even if it’s via a dodgy fire stick, where there’s a will there’s always a way.⚽️✅ Not sure we need to be embracing a murderous regime, (leave that to those bellends in Tyneside), but be good to see the lads playing ⚽️🔴⚪️⚽️

“All roads lead to the Jebel Ali Centre of Excellence”

Blogging a dead cause?

Tough going writing this at the moment, as I’ve often said I’m humbled and flattered that anyone reads, (even occasionally), obviously Kris Day will always read whilst having his tea and SAFCBlog Superfan and Fanny Magnet🥊Garry Summerson🥊 reads the blog each night in the bath, but to everyone else, thanks for reading❤️
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