SAFCBlog, WBA Away 10 Minute Freeview Picture SPZL

This season has been fantastic, surpassing any reasonable expectations, today was absolutely tremendous. Match report tomorrow, but seems appropriate to write a very brief account tonight.

And we’re off, another stupid kick off time courtesy of SKY

Has there ever been a wetter season than this?

Having given birth, Luke decided to come to work

Game on

I’m on board with the idea of mascots, our man at the wheel today used to dress up as a lion and be mascot at York City, but in this instance I have lots more questions than answers?

0-1 no need to make the challenge, but never a penalty?

1-1, great header

2-1, another beautiful goal

Job done

I love this group more than I’ve ever loved a SAFC team

More rain

Dare to dream…… mmmmmmmm


Cutting edge match report on a wonderful day, should be online after The Chase

SAFCBlog – Daring to Dream Digital Media Systems- FTM

Imagine, just fucking imagine…..

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