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SAFCBlog some Friday thoughts

SAFC – some Friday thoughts

SAFC some Friday thoughts

Tomorrow is Saturday, Southend Away, 2 visits to 2018/19 SAFCBlog Service Station of the Year, Southend are shit so we’ll get 3 points, it’s shorts weather…. well tomorrow is Saturday, no Southend though!  In fact tomorrow will be like every other day I guess? Summertime starts this weekend though, clocks change – so we’ll all get an extra hour in the house on Sunday.

“So we will finish this season then?”

Money, Money, Money………

The more I think about it, the more I think this season will be null and void. Yesterday the leagues below Conference North were voided. This whole situation is obviously as unfair, as it is unprecedented. As with anything unfair, there’s some real injustice….

Some Friday thoughts SAFC Blog
Shields 12 points clear…… SAFC Ladies 11 points clear…… season voided – Harsh!

None of us know when football will be back, it’s current suspension is until 30th April, I think we can safely say it go well beyond that? Whilst yesterdays Non League announcements were harsh, fair play to the authorities for making a decision. 

Once the Premier League make a decision, it seems a fair assumption that the rest of the EFL and Conference will mimic their actions?

I actually think an announcement that the season is over will come sooner rather than later. Two main reasons for this, both of a financial nature…..

THE UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE….. whilst it’ll be 3 or 4 years until SAFC are competing in the CL, whether the clubs admit it or not, this is the real money shot. UEFA will want to know very soon that their showpiece competition can proceed as normal next season. Once the rest of Europe jumps, the Premier League will probably do the same. This obviously means that Sunderland’s Jordan Henderson retains the trophy for another season.

SAFCBlog some Friday thoughts
‘The best player at the best team in Europe’

Whilst financial pressure from UEFA will probably decide the fate of the Premier League, the pressure as you move down the leagues will be intense. A huge problem at the moment in football and beyond is uncertainty. Clubs will be desperate to regain structure…. season ticket sales, hospitality sales are effectively on hold, this is not sustainable through the leagues.

But that’s not fair?

It’s 100% not fair, it’s harsh beyond belief on the likes of Leeds United….

“Surely not another 16 seasons in the wilderness??

Liverpool were clearly going to win the league, they will feel harshly done by having not won the League since 1989/90…..

Surely that won’t happen?

It’s absolute fucking madness, I totally concede that…. but when I was making my New Years Resolutions, I didn’t give any though to the stockpiling of bog roll?  Strange, unique times….. still at least we don’t have to worry about losing in the play offs?

Wembley = shite
Box Office????

Football on the ‘Other Side’ after COVID-19…….Some Friday thoughts

We’ll piss the league next year. The Beautiful Game is always unpredictable, the current situation eclipses any previous unpredictability…….

Some Friday Thoughts Stewart Donald at Wembley after Sunderland are beaten by Charlton
Football…….things go wrong?
Football……. things never come back the same?
Football……. but they do come back


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