SAFCBlog Unsocial Media Club – exciting new feature.

unscocial media club

SAFCBlog Unsocial Media Club – exciting new feature

Any regular readers, (yes I know), will know SAFCBlog is prolific. As often cited it’s a game of opinions, but even by my standards, (it’s a very low bar?), there’s some real shite out there on Social Media? 

About a month ago, I started to get communication that would provide a few hundred quid a month – Whilst the wolf isn’t at the door, the big bad hairy bastard is somewhere on my land? I’m delighted I didn’t go down that route. Whilst those reading this may or may not enjoy it….. please, please, please don’t bother following, sharing, retweeting, liking etc

SAFCBlog – As always you could have said no, if you’d wanted to?
The sycophantic slags all say, I knew him first and I knew him well……”

So the new feature? The SAFCBlog Month Ahead.

SAFCBlog Unsocial Media Club

Pretty self explanatory really, on the 1st day of each month SAFCBlog will;

  • Look at the months games
  • Look at the month in general, (it’s a 1 year project?)

December games….SAFCBlog predicts

Sat 07 Gillingham Away draw 1-1

Sat 14 Blackpool Home win 2-0

Sat 21 Bury Away P-P frozen pitch

Thurs 26 Bolton Home win 5-2

Sun 29 Doncaster Away lose 1-2

I make no secret that I’m an optimist, how realistic I am…. I guess time will tell?

December is a great month for football, (and sport in general), enjoy

It would be naïve not to acknowledge that December is the month when we celebrate Christmas, (Santa’s birthday for the religious types reading).

it’s a time to ….


SAFCBlog unsocial media club

“Five a day you say?…..

Sheffield Kebab

………simples, (it’s almost a salad?”)


SAFCBlog in Portsmouth SAFCBLog Unsocial media club


I’ve been to an awful lot of games, but nothing comes close to this……

So Christmas is great? Yep it can be – time for family and friends; if you are fortunate to have family enjoy that, if not friends are just as good.

unscocial media club

Sometimes your closest friends aren’t you bestest friends?


Friends – fucking mint.

On the basis that SAFCBlog has decided to go down the route of not touting for social media love. Totally up to the few who are reading …. but do something good in December, everyone reading this will have a pal, who is struggling and too proud to say it – don’t ever not ask. 

SAFCBlog has been through the mill as I’m sure most reading this will have been – you never ever know where you mates are at. Soppy stuff aside – fair do’s to our shambolic shithouse owners….. the gift of Xmas tickets initiative is decent.


Loads of key dates

  • 1759 – Guinness was born

A pint of Guinness yesterday

1960 – Mancunian sitcom Corrie was launched. Episode #1 couldn’t afford heating?

All manner of birthdays in December….

SAFCBlog favourite Helena…..”can someone switch the heating off please?”

Mermaids – ACE!! “Slip her on like an old sea boot?”



Better than Rafa

“Anna.. forget the chimney: I’ve leave a key under the recycling bin, help yourself to anything from the fridge…. I’ll be there ASAP”

SAFCBlog Unsocial Media Club

SAFCBlog Unsocial Media Club SAFCBlog flag 2

SAFCBlog – For the few not the many


Next month….. January….. SAFCBlog 2020 vision

Whilst it’s widely accepted Christmas music is shite…. we all know Fairytale of New York is class…. but here’s the best Xmas tune of all time….. SAFCBlog 36 mins ago


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RT @ShaunSAFCBLOG: Only 4 sleeps…

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