South Shields Away Pre-Season

SAFCBlog will not be in attendance for the pre-season game at South Shields sometime in the mid week in July? We will be in Portugal on a reconnaissance mission. Although, rest assured… I’ve got a few idiots drafted in for photos etc.

It may be the close season, but the SAFCBlog media team continues to be inundated with emails and faxes … Mike Hunt, (Todmorden), said, “I like this blog, I’ve got a computer”, P. Moore of Aberdeen said, “great work”, C. Greenwood of Knobchester is now blocked.

The under 21’s or 23’s playing a July friendly, is of minimal excitement? But still loads better than the cricket cup thing that’s on TV at the moment?

So…. South Shields

South Shields Away Pre Season
South Shields ~ less mags than North Shields? Badge a bit Captain Pugwash??

Aside from going for a curry and going to watch a hapless York City lose there ~ I’ve never really been. Ocean Road, (made famous by Afro pop combo The Lighthouse Family), is a great place for an Indian, (meal not tepee)

South Shields Away Pre Season
A curry yesterday

Barbour, (make coats for fox hunters and posh folk), have their HQ, Warehousing and Factory in South Shields. Bizarre….. Ripon, Thirsk, Harrogate, Windsor etc much be scratching their blond bofonts? Business rates 1 V Posh folk 0, I’d say?

South Shields FC is a great set up. I’m conscious to avoid being patronising…. such clubs are the heartbeat of Association Soccer.

Game not really relevant ~ but it would be remiss to overlook the main attraction of South Shields….. the ferry to North Shields!!!!!

“Fucking crank…. floating bus???? So a boat?”
“Sit on it all day long???????”
“Bus or car????? It’s a fucking river!”
“Fabulous way to cross a river???????”

Following the demise of the Jeremy Kearle show ~ these fucking idiots are going to be knackered once the Flashing Blade finishes at Metro FM

Tomorrow ~ fixtures looked at


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