Sunderland Fixtures

Away Pub of the Year

Sunderland Fixtures

SAFCBlog continues with more cutting edge journalism as we review next seasons Sunderland fixtures… 

13 weeks since the blog started 21’500 visitors, zero sponsorship and a load of messages from cranks! 

Going up would have been good as I’d be blogging about big teams as opposed to mostly tin pot shit teams… Leeds get 34’000, Fleetwood get 3’400. But, it’s not a numbers game ~ but going up may perhaps of fast tracked pies, ale etc. (Zero morale fibre here ~ any offers appreciated

Despite the close season, lots going on… regular readers, (yes I know), will have enjoyed, every league 1 team previewed, what went wrong 18/19, how we win the league 19/20, pub of the year, motorway service station of the year etc

Monday 24th June will see the excitement of a SAFCBlog competition ~ prizes yet to be finalised.

All high level journalism is always going to polarise opinions… the media team continue to be busy with faxes and email letters.

Wayne Dyer of Leith offered, this blog is fraught with basic inaccuracies, I’m happy to proof read and offer advice on each article prior to publication to avoid further errors.

Chris Greenwood of Bell End Close, Mochachino Boulevard said, great blog bro…

Bernard Castle of County Durham wrote, I like reading your book, I’ve seen things

Sunderland Fixtures

Sunderland fixtures 2019/20
As predicted ~ we play everyone twice

Hard to predict what lays ahead this season. Selfie King SD and Shit Shoe Wearer CM, (not the opinion of SAFCBlog), look to be flipping the club. Fair dos to them ~ bought the club with the clubs money. Sold it and fucked off… genius, (not the opinion of SAFCBlog ~ just what someone said in Tescos).

Buying the club with Parachute Payments and flipping on at the first opportunity is a decent bit of business, (ethics and moral fibre aside), to be fair? 

Hypothetically speaking, if I was to go to the Cockwell Inn with a Yorkshire based Oil Baron, who supported Liverpool…. and we were to enjoy the finest Sausages the proprietor was able to offer …. I’d expect payment to be made by my affluent companion, not by the landlord

Sunderlands first 4 games

Hypothetical situations aside

First 4 games are Oxford, Ipswich, Portsmouth, (again) and Rochdale. Last day of the season is away to Rotherham.

Oxford United

Like Sunderland, Oxford has a university, but Sunderland’s is much nicer.

Doxford Park, SR1 3SD

Oxford is also famous for The Boat Race, (posh blokes in canoes).

The University boasts a rich list of celebrity students, including posh film star Hugh Grant.

So Liz Hurley is at home putting the tea on…… strange move Hugh?

Famous for being fat and perhaps pretending to fall off a boat, Robert Maxwell was once the Oxford chairman.

Saw them twice last year, both ended in 1~1 draws, (who’d have though it?) ~ they looked average, In my League One predictions I can’t imagine them being involved at either end of the table?

Obviously things can change, selfie king Stewart Donald may fancy buying the club once he’s cashed in at wonderland?


Ipswich town

Genuinely worry for them, they are like we were this time last year without the takeover. They had a good manager and have since replaced him with 2 less good managers. The best they can hope for is stability I reckon.

Loads of famous fans which is always good for the blog…..

Alan Bernard Brazil


Georgie Bingham

Some real shite on TalkSport, but Georgie is…. quite fit, decent presenter, loves golf. Lots of positives there.

Steve Wright

Lorry driver famous for killing women, known as the Suffolk Strangler.

John Peel

A real hero of mine, New Order, The Fall, The Undertones, The Wedding Present, The Duriti Column, A Certain Ratio…….. John, thank you from a generation. ‘If you know, you know’



Only started SAFCBlog in March, but there’s 4, (four), previews and reviews on the website, starting with our drawn game at Wembley. Not a great deal more to add.

Sunderland Fixtures

Drew at Wembley ~ beat them in the play offs 

SAFCBLOG PREDICTS 4th (lose in play-off semi final)


Like Rotherham, Rochdale is famous for grooming. Beat them twice last year, (albeit a bit lucky at their place). 

Survival will be a good result from them, especially if local rivals Bury go down as predicted by SAFCBLOG.

Serial sex offender Sir Cyril Smith hails from the town, he was big mates with Leeds United Ambassador Sir Jimmy Savile.

Horrible fat nonce

If I was to choose my top 3 people who I didn’t want to babysit, Cyril would feature…. Anna Friel is from Rochdale too…..

‘Babysitter required ~ lift home no problem. 

Contact for more details ~ hours to suit, work uniform provided’


Rotherham United

A town famous for steel, coal mining and grooming; the team has probably found its level in L1? Rotherham is in South Yorkshire, which is a bit worse than West Yorkshire and a lot worse than North Yorkshire.

Celebrity fans are the Chuckle Brother.

“Just hold this love, while I take a photo…….”

New York Stadium Rotherham


Tomorrow ~ more nonsense


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