Sunderland 1 southend 0

It’s a long season and I’m loathe to ever use the term must win… but we could really do with winning today. Shouldn’t be a problem? Southend not great and we’ve played decent the last 3 games.

Steady drive up with Idiot A talking shite. Weather crap in Yorkshire, so pleasantly surprised to be met with a glorious day in Wonderland.

Sunderland 1 Southend United 0
The scene is set….. smash these today?
Sunderland 1 Southend United 0 Remembrance Day
Game on…….
  • Play decent 1st half, good goal from Luke. We should be out of sight; go in 1-0 up ✅
  • Not as good 2nd half, but look comfortable ✅
  • 3 points, clean sheet ✅ ✅
  • We look better under Phil.
  • Personnel looks easily good enough. CB pairing great / JM no longer hoofing it / Luke, Denver, Dobson all class today ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅
  • We look like a team who need a striker? X
  • I’d like it to be Grigg – but he looks lost? X
  • Onwards and upwards, things are looking up ✅
  • Impossible to know….. but we’d have drawn that game 1-1 a month ago? ✅
  • 100% behind Parkinson…. it might seem trivial; but…. Suit = OK / tracksuit OK…. MIXING THE 2 = not OK?
Sunderland 1 Southend United 0 half suit half tracksuit
Just needs a pit bull, a cap and a push bike and the looks complete Phil? I’ve got a coat you can have
Sunderland 1 Southend United 0 after the match SOL
Job done….. stadium looks beautiful empty



Briefer than normal match report, a very good reason for this. Our wonderful club do some things so well, the minutes silence for lost ones at the final game of the year is beautiful. 100% respect, the club always get Remembrance perfectly right. This blog is a bit of fun about a wonderful game – but thanks SAFC, you get this right every year.

Remembrance Day at SOL
Sunderland 1 Southend United 0
I’m not able to describe this picture…. but hopefully you like it as much as I do.
Lest We Forget”

No words can do it justice….. so I’ll stick we my usual format of a few videos.

Goodnight and God Bless.

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