SAFC owners, investment, the future……


SAFC Owners, Investment, the future……

Much has been said and written about the takeover, investment and SAFC owners in recent months. Speculation is often not overly helpful, but it would be naive to ignore that changes are afoot? As I’ve often said, football is a game of opinions, it’s also fair to say that aside from those directly involved, no one really knows what’s been going on, or what is likely to happen.

Now that investment has been incoming, I thought it was time to offer a few thoughts on matters off the pitch, which whether we like it or not, will always have an impact where it really matters on the pitch.

Prior to going any further, I’d just like to emphasise that any abuse, prejudice, bullying, intimidation, harassment etc is abhorrent. Social media is wonderful in some ways, sadly it has given a voice to idiots, (see below), who used to write in green crayon.

“People like this own computers in 2019!!!!!!”


So why would FPP put £10 million into SAFC, but not take any equity / leave the clubs ownership as it is? 

As aforementioned, we don’t know – but it’s an interesting one. The opinion of SAFCBlog is;

  • There’s no doubt the current owners want to sell?
  • There’s no doubt FPP Sunderland Ltd want to buy?
  • It would seem that the deal collapsed as the two parties couldn’t agree on a valuation? I guess the price of a Championship SAFC is more than a LEAGUE 1 SAFC?

“Sunderland are not a league 1 club…but we are in league 1”

  • I’d guess the stumbling block on valuation may well have been, “it’s worth X as a League 1 club, but it’s worth Y as a championship club?
  • I’ve never bought a football club – but faced with the aforementioned stumbling block, I’d be tempted to say to SD….. “you want rid and I want it, I ain’t fucking paying top dollar for a L1 club, I’ll have it off you in June…. if you go up I’ll give you your price of £60 million…. if you don’t go up we’ll stick with the £40 million. You know I’ve got the brass – here’s £10 large, and I’ll give you either £30 million or £50 million in June 2020…? Now jog on pal”
  • As always a game of opinions. It seems interesting that the monies are to spent on the infrastructure of the club, rather than players – interestingly this fits in with the model I’d expect FPP to pursue, (I.e…. FPP acknowledges that the club needs a cash injection but doesn’t want to see the money wasted, as its effectively a down payment on the club”

Here’s £10 million; but for fucks sake don’t buy 3 of these!!


It’s effectively a Done Deal, just need to wait and see what the price is going to be?


CASH incoming

SAFC owners, investment and the future

“The Wearside Dream is alive and kicking”

Current SAFC owners

Just to reiterate the opening point, any abuse posted towards our owners online lacks class and is unacceptable. Sadly Social Media has become an oft used vehicle for such comments; I don’t really want to give the idiots guilty of this anymore airtime, especially as it detracts from some of the wonderful facets of Social Media, (debate, sharing opinions etc).

Stewart Donald embraced interaction with our fanbase on Twitter from the off. Sunderland is a massive club, with a passionate fanbase, just as players have a responsibility to choose where they drink etc, (they shouldn’t have to – but they do), there’s a number of potential downsides to the owner of a huge football club being on Twitter.

  • You are accessible to all
  • There are a lot of idiots out there
  • Theres an argument that some areas of the club should not be transparent
  • I suspect that most of those who play the big man on Twitter, wouldn’t do it in real life?
  • Whilst it’s great to have the adulation when things are sailing on the calm – you are putting yourself in the firing line for when the wheels come off, or the crown slips?
  • It provides a great platform to be a Hero, but it’s a shite place to be if things go pear shaped?
  • Twitter after a few beers, (on either side), is not the place to be?

I don’t know SD, whenever I here him speak I like his passion, when I’ve seen him interviewed he talks well. I genuinely think the transparency he alluded to was done for the right reasons….. but….. SAFC are a massive club. I’d suspect the alleged abusers online are possibly some of the very same people who lauded SD?

Whilst lots has been said about vitriol online. It’s fair and relevant to say that no owner of SAFC has been as universally backed as the current. I go to all the games and regularly see him in the away end – I’ve never seen him get any stick? Even at Bolton, (when it’s was edgy all day), he didn’t seem to get any grief?

I’m not comfortable with SD saying he’s not going to come to games – ignore the minority Stewart, why punish yourself? I was a huge fan of Ross, but I concede the job was probably too big for him? We are a huge club and that brings about all manner of situations, (good and bad), that wouldn’t occur in the National League.

100% a game of opinions, which is a beautiful aspect of football, (VAR anyone?)

Onwards and upwards……

we all wanna be adored……

Twitter – sometimes good?

But sometimes you need to just Let It Go…….




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