Sunderland gain much needed win vs Portsmouth 17.08.19

Decent win for Sunderland on Tuesday night at Accrington, but most will agree today was a massive game, whilst the result is paramount, we needed to see a positive performance from the lads.

12.30pm kick-off dreadful for Portsmouth fans, it also presents a challenge for us all? It should be simple enough to work out / manage…. but the day is spent completely confused as to what time it is, what to eat and when etc.

Reviewing each game is something I’m enjoying, but realistically home games are a challenge, as routine etc is similar each time? Steady drive up, with a couple of stand out moments…..

Our A roads are a bizarre place on a weekend?

As a child, seeing the sea was a real highlight of trips to the coast, we have the same discussion every week about how nice the sea looks….

I can see the sea

No journey is complete without a variation of top tunes…..

First excitement of the day is the newly painted Hendon Grange Public House…..

“Any paint left….?”
“Fucking hell !!!”
It’s up there with the “Hollywood Sign?”
Simply stunning

12.30pm – game on!

Sunderland gain much needed win vs Portsmouth
Great turnout for a stupid kick off time
sunderland portsmouth live on tv
SKY TV are here…..
Sunderland gain much needed win vs Portsmouth
Pompey are here…. fair play to them; 1000 hugely impressive all things considered?
Sunderland gain much needed win vs Portsmouth
Jack looking immaculate as ever, although suit jacket was a surprise for everyone?
“Jacks Jacket 1 ……
Kenny Jackett’s Jacket 0”
Sunderland vs Portsmouth
Game on……

Scrappy goal 0-1

Great corner and header 1-1

Touch of class from McGeady to set up McGuire 2-1

Sunderland 2 Portsmouth 1
Game over – job done.

Decent day…..


  • McNulty and McGuire offer a real threat and provide the intensity and pace that has been missing so often
  • Ozturk and Willis look the best CB combination I’ve seen under Ross
  • McGeady should be the best player in the league by a mile and this week he’s shown why
  • We came from behind to win, (a bit of rarity at the SOL)


  • We’re going to have to start killing games off/ putting teams to bed?
  • Will Grigg?? What the fuck is going on with him?
Grigg…… “don’t bother washing his kit, it’s still clean”

So…… job done, I mentioned at the start the home games offer less to report than away games? Then out of nowhere, a fantastic photo opportunity presents itself in SR5. Like the tennis player scratching her arse, sometimes a photo is just priceless……

Sunderland gain much needed win vs Portsmouth
It’s 2.55pm and this man is at the traffic lights, with a wooden penguin attached to his roof rack?? What a time to be alive?



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