The season so far 4/10

Been shite for years, onwards and fucking upwards, things getting better 100%

20 games played, anyone who occasionally reads SAFCBlog will know I review the season after each 5 games. Issue 952/1000 tonight, (+ a few inappropriate issues, consigned to draft).

The World Cup

“the peoples game my arse”

Whilst the PL has 5 weeks off, we only have 2. I’m not really on board with the World Cup, but it’s happening, so may as well embrace? I’ve got my wallchart up, (why on earth are they delivered rolled up when they are designed to be flat on a wall? Anyway I’ve got it flattened👍). I’ve made plans for the key games👍 So good to go⚽️👍

Everyone else has 3 weeks off, whilst all the others played their game this midweek from the weekend when the Queen died, we have chosen to play on Sat 3rd December. At the time it felt catastrophic, (for want of a better word), to have a free Saturday, but to have a home game in 3 weeks rather than 4 is lovely. Not just because we’ll have a game, but it’s a great opportunity to get points on the board before others play, get 3 points, get ahead of the game, get in the boxseat/chair.

Tony Mowbray vs Alex Neil

All 3 of the promoted teams have now changed managers. I had fallen for AN a little bit, he achieved where others failed getting us promoted, but he’s a dick, Tony Mowbray isn’t a dick

You made the wrong choice Alex
Thanks to the SAFCBlog media team for this edit
Our biscuit gaffer❤️❤️❤️❤️

I’ve not, (to date), worked in the footwear industry, but to be fair to TM, he ditched these after 1 game and went for the Shit Lee Johnson preferred by 80% of managers. I have no shoe expertise whatsoever, since not having a proper job, I have 1 x wellies for dogs, too many trainers & 1 pair of shit Lee Johnson shoes for when I’m trying to look smart/impress/special occasions…
“Cutting edge welly systems, you don’t get this at those shite Blackpool Tinpot Blogs?”

The last 5 games….

overall we’ve done ok, after the capitulation against Burnley, (who will win this league), I wanted 6 points from 4 games, we’ve got 7, so all is good….




Shitshow – wish I’d stayed in bed



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