Tinpot Fuckers FC 0 vs Morality Athletic 0, (AET)

Correct Matt✅ SAFCBlog meant to be on annual leave⛳️ fucking shambles
Pictures 1 vs Words 0, (Cook, MLF, OG, 26)


I’ve not got many friends, some of the few I do have possess less money than me, some have more, that’s life. Donald and Methvren are complete shithouses, it’s a while since that short armed prick texted me to threaten a stadium ban…… you’ve got my number knobbachops✅

A Pot To Piss In Panthers 0 vs Piss AFC 1, (Rine, U, 33)

Some piss yesterday, (pot not pictured)


  • Hopefully today is just more lazy journalism?
  • Crypto Currency, (just a digital fruit machine), is not the answer?
  • Let’s never forget that these pricks could have taken SAFC into extinction?
  • They will sell to anyone?
  • KLD…… now’s your chance, just buy the shares, its actually my strong belief that this will happen. Shirley? Suspect it’s just a PR job from those two pricks?
  • I don’t think we have owt to worry about…… but then I just pen a shite blog….. if i was paid to be a professional journalist by the Echo or Chronicle, perhaps I would spout the same shite?
  • Lazy journalism 100%, I’m on Blog Leave so not followed the story, (*), online…… but I’m guessing it’s just another shit pop knobber scenario?
  • I’ve not, (to date), sold a stakeholding in a football club, but whenever I’ve sold houses and when I sold my business…… there were loads of timewasters, but ultimately they sold to someone with the appropriate resources….. it’s not complicated…..
  • So….. this is a load of shite, Methven is an absolute whopper, and herein lies the problem.
  • Just fuck off to Eastleigh and leave us to piss The Championship⚽️🔴⚪️⚫️⚽️

“How Man, just fuck off back down south you short armed prick and take that eton mess of a bellend with you….. shut the door on you way out”. I’m on Blog Holiday

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