Up Next …. Cambridge United Away

Not exactly a Local Derby, but a much straighter line than the trip to Shrewsbury.
Stadium looks good in this visual? I guess times change….. last time I was there it was akin to a collection of shite bus shelters?

A BIG Game?

Yep….. we are a BIG club who are hugely underachieving, this combination means pretty much every game is a BIG game for now
“All roads lead to Cambridge…..”

The Gaffer……

Let’s not pretend otherwise, the heat is on? The basic remit is automatic promotion, if LJ was to achieve this, you’d have to say he’s done an incredible job – I’m not on board, but it’s a long journey and I’d be delighted to jump on board at any juncture in the journey ⚽️ I’ve not, (to date), been Head Coach of Sunderland, it’s a hugely privileged position – but it’s a tough gig, LJ will care, care passionately, as I say it’s a tough gig, I’ve only ever had average jobs, but it can’t be easy with idiots like me speculating on your job, whilst posting pictures of kebabs? If LJ survives, it means we have got back on track – that would be lovely⚽️🔴⚫️⚽️

I’m not in his camp, but to be fair LJ must be banging his head against the skirting board? Last minute…. Free kick…. The Croatian Januzaj just skies the fucker…. That’s shocking, sometimes players need to be held accountable?

Horses can always be led to water, but if the 4 legged fuckers fancy something other than water, it’s very fucking difficult for the man in charge of said horse?

Cambridge…… Who are Ya?

Like Sunderland, Cambridge is an educational hotspot……

Cambridge Polytechnic
Wonderland University

Famous Folk….

Old school Joe Exotic, Ricardo Attenborough
1980s Kleenex Ambassador, Olivia Newton John
Some Crank…
The Duchess of Cambridge…. Sister…. Mum…. Like a regal version of The Corrs, wholly inappropriate to sexualise Royalty…… (used sea boot and plasterers radio for sale)


Cambridge play Oxford at rowing each year…. Silly twats

This Blog is Shite….

Match Preview….

They are crap, (bottom 3rd), SAFCBlog Predicts….. CUFC 2 vs SAFC 1

SAFCBlog – Friggin in the Riggin – FTM

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