Up Next Ipswich Town At Home….

We’re not miles off in the league table, but shite cup games aside, our most recent league games have been pretty grim….. Rotherham are decent, Sheff Weds are average at best, you’d have to think we need a positive result Saturday?

The Management….,

We are a big club, a result of this status means that managing us is a big job….. I always want us to win, always. Saturday is huge for LJ, anyone who attends home games at the SOL, will know it’s a fine margin between being ok and untenable….. I’ve not, (to date), been a football manager, if I was Paul Cook, (which I’m not), I’d be saying….”just push up 15 yards, these boys play from the back, but their confidence is shot, they look terrified on the ball and the wing backs think they are wingers….. just hassle them and get the ball into the box early, they really aren’t that fucking good….” Hopefully I’m wrong….

Ipswich Town FC…

They had a shite start after signing 17 new players, they have looked good the last 5-6 weeks…. SAFCBlog Predicts ….. SAFC 1vs ITFC 3, (sorry). I had it in my head that Ipswich gained City Status at the same time as Wonderland in 1991, it seems they didn’t? Can’t be arsed to Google.

Who Are Ya?

Seems quite a nice place? Singer Ed Sheehan and Prostitute Killer Steve Wright are from the town.

Loads of decent away trips on the horizon, Shrewsbury and Cambridge next week, blog might, (*), be better then….

SAFCBlog – Not worth the paper it’s not written on – FTM

Ed Sheehan My Arse…..

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