Up Next…. Lower League Garden Centre Knobbers….

I’m on board with the idea that you get what your deserve, straw poll of 1…. but having visited Shrewsbury 3 times with SAFC since we decided to play in League 1…. we’ve had a win, a draw and a loss, I love travelling to watch SAFC, but it’s 100% factual to report that the BEC, (Bell End Coefficient), is very, very strong in Shrewsbury.

“Shrew Are Ya??

They are 16th, like most teams in this division they are crap.

SAFCBlog Predicts ….. SAFC 3 vs STFC 0 ⚽️⚽️⚽️

Just 3 Sleeps…..

Playing Friday is class, as it’s sooner than Saturday

All manner of graphs weds / thurs, (just waiting on new felt tips)….

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We going up?.. oh aye, just keep believing⚽️✅⚽️

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