Watford 2 vs SAFC 2, the future is bright

Six years ago we left Vicarage Road on a wave of optimism after a 2-2 draw, due to the inability of England to beat a team if Icelandic bus drivers, it all went to shit and has been shite since. Yesterday was brilliant, the last 20 minutes could be a pivotal moment in the next 5 years of this wonderful club, but more of that later.

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Absolute fucking shambles at the moment. Given the evolution of camera phones, taking reasonable quality images is a simple task. New man given a trial yesterday, a bit like when Souness played that bloke in the Premier League who turned out not to be a footballer, with hindsight yesterdays trialist was always going to be a gamble? Un(fresh) from the York beer festival on Friday night and straight into the craft ale at 9am Saturday morning, it was always going to be a big ask?

Well it is 9.20am”

Aside from taking motorway pics, when reminded to take pictures, a vintage crop it was not

Two week break to reassess options✅

6.47am Mon to Friday❌ vs 6.47am Saturday✅⚽️

There were 2 leagues between us last season, whilst our previous 2-2 draw this season felt like a defeat, yesterday felt like a victory.

0-30 minutes….. We struggle to get a foothold in the game, they look a threat from both wings, they pressed us in a way Reading didn’t bother with doing. I’m of the mind that we might actually go the full 46 games without a 0-0 draw

The plan…..

34 minutes….. 0-1, going to be tough now

35-45 minutes….. great response, deservedly go in at 1-1, game on!

45-60 minutes….. feels like the 15 minutes before Norwich scored, we look like we need to change it whilst it’s still 1-1, Embleton and Pritchard look knackered, we need an outlet as we are getting deeper and deeper

62 minutes….. 1-2, going to be tough now

Matete did well, unfortunately unless the 2 bookings per game rule changes to say 5, (like they did with subs), it’s always going to be difficult for him to play more than 25 minutes?

Ba, Diallo and Bennette changed the game completely, exciting doesn’t do it justice, exhilarating doesn’t either

87 minutes….. 2-2

El futuro brillante, el futuro Bennette. Creo que te amo⚽️❤️

full time 2-2

The scoreline doesn’t tell the story, the last 20 minutes we saw something we’ve not seen for many years, this team excites more than anything. It just feels right.

Yes it’s early days, yes this league is traditionally bonkers, but we look very good. We’ve played 10 league games, 7 of which have been against teams in the current top 10. We didn’t deserve to lose to Norwich and we wouldn’t have lost at Sheffield United with 11 men.

Jewison Bennette Villegas

He’s 18 years old, he’s the youngest player to play South American International Football since Pele, he has travelled half way around the world to sign a 5 year contract with a transfer fee £1 million, he has magic in his boots. whatever the back story is to him becoming our player, something has gone very, very well recruitment wise

The world will see him at the World Cup, I’m hugely uncomfortable with the tournament being sponsored by human slavery, sports washing and an abhorrent regime, I’ll watch the 90 minutes, but that’ll be it for me, no pre match stuff, no sticker albums, etc, these tournaments are a huge opportunity for selling t shirts etc, with a break from the usual rhetoric, I do have a t shirt company, but won’t be engaging with the World Cup anymore than watching the match. I’d like to think that the TV companies would broadcast live from the UK, rather than eulogising about how football unites people, from purpose built multi million pound studios in Qatar, but we all know where Lineker and co will be broadcasting from?

A decent week

  • 4 points is a great return
  • 2 hugely positive performances
  • Great day yesterday, always enjoy the laughs and the company, great car picnic, great 90’s playlist, what’s not to love? The match being decent too makes it even better, I’d forgotten what it’s like not to be so shite
  • Onwards and upwards……how we get there I don’t know? But we just might⚽️❤️
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