Wycombe away match review….

Anyone daft enough to read SAFCBlog on a regular basis, will know I rarely miss a game – yesterday was one of those days when I couldn’t make it. When SAFCBlog launched earlier this year, the remit was to preview and review every game…. so here we go.

The previous low of SAFCBlog was the preview of a Ghost Game Vs St Mirren in July; but having said I’d offer a review of each game, I will…..

3pm 0-0

3.45pm 0-1, (it could have been 0-6?)

Wycombe Away Match Review
“Hope for fat lads countrywide?”

4.40pm 0-1

Wycombe Away Match Review
Not good

Aside from a shot on target in the last minute, we offered very little – but onwards and upwards.

As aforementioned I wasn’t at the game, but my text message inbox between 4.40pm and 5pm tells it’s own story??????

  • “Bag of shite” Fat Dan
  • ”Not right good pal” Vodka Pete
  • ”And he thought Bolton was a basketcase?” Maureen
  • ”Wise move not coming mate, locals a bit weird” Jamie
  • ”They let me on the number 36 bus, I like going out” Colin Greenwood

Bit of a mixed bag there? But consensus seems to be, we were lucky to come 2nd?

Solid start on the bench for Parky, smart shirt and slacks, he boarded the bus in a fine bit of knitwear, (lost property???). Let’s see what Tuesday night brings?

Load of shite on social media, (yes I know), the last few weeks…

SAFCBlog believes we have made the right appointment. SD/CM talk of 100 points not looking too wise? Let’s get to the playoff places first, 74/75 points?

Football – depressing
Music – beautiful

Lots has been made that we are 10th in Division 3? Suspect this is our lowest ever position? So HOW HIGH? Do we finish the season? 2nd is ok Phil…..

“Difficult to imagine…. but there are still people out there who don’t listen to The Charlatans!!!!!!”
Northwich’s finest band…. only a few miles from Rochdale? Home of SAFCBlog Ambassador Annabel Friel…..
Wycombe Away Match Review
I’m really sorry Anna, can’t find a towel or a dressing gown anywhere….I’ve put the heating on”



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