Burnley Carabao Cup Preview… 28.08.19

For the third midweek in a row, we head to Lancashire and face Burnley in the Carabao Cup. Funny one really as the league is the priority, but obviously winning games is a good habit. Burnley are a proper club ~ always enjoy trips over there; although it’s not been a particularly happy hunting ground for us; the 2 defeats under Moyes were two of the most depressing games following Sunderland.

Burnley has the highest population to home attendance ratio in the country….

Burnley Carabao Cup Preview

Whilst the town has been through the mill, (ironically in part, due to the demise of the mills), it’s a proper northern town. There are an amazing 191 listed buildings in Burnley.

Burnley Town Hall
Burnley Carabao Cup Preview
Burnley College

Games at Turf Moor normally create a great atmosphere, whilst I’m sure we will travel in our usual healthy numbers, (1800??), I suspect the crowd will be in the region of 10-12’000 ?

Burnley  V Sunderland Carabao Cup Preview
Turf Moor – 2 decent stands, 2 shite stands

Whilst I love Jack Ross, the Burnley Manager is class – aside from doing a decent job, he has the best voice in football….

“Listen pal, I couldn’t care less… you’re not coming in… now FUCK OFF

Whilst Dyche deserves credit for his suit over tracksuit approach, there’s no contest with Jacks threads?

Burnley  V Sunderland Carabao Cup Preview
“The names Ross……. Jack Ross”

Not a right lot of famous people from Burnley, the pick is probably Eric Halsall…..

Kids…. before the SKY TV revolution, terrestrial TV was absolutely brilliant
Bank Of /On Dave…. if you’ve not watched this Channel 4 masterpiece – it’s well worth a view
Burnley  V Sunderland Carabao Cup Preview
SAFCBblog predicts……….
Hard one to predict, as line ups may be hugely changed. I reckon we will give them a decent game…..,,
2-2, (lose on penalties)