Fleetwood Town vs Sunderland preview

Fleetwood Town v Sunderland match preview

Fleetwood Town vs Sunderland Preview

Heading to Fleetwood Town to watch Sunderland Right hand lane good for holidays – Left hand lane good for lower league football

First match of the decade – away to Fleetwood Town

We start a new decade with a trip to the North West to play Fleetwood Town.  Whilst we have obviously fallen from grace somewhat, the thought of Fleetwood vs Sunderland in a league game a decade or so ago would have been as far fetched as a Will Grigg hat trick?  Their rise has been stunning, they won promotion from the NW Counties Premier Division in 2005, 3 further promotions saw them enter the Football League in 2012, 2 years later they won promotion to League 1 and this is their 6th consecutive season at this level. Obviously money has been a factor, but for a town with a population of 26’000 people, their rise has been remarkable, until Forest Green Rovers entered the league, Fleetwood was the smallest town population wise with a league club. Fleetwood Town vs Sunderland match preview
Decent stadium, and none of the vegan bollocks you get on the menu at Forest Green.

SAFC Vs Fleetwood Town last season

We drew 1-1 at SOL, (who’d have thought it?), and we lost 2-1 at their gaff in a game of zero significance as we prepared for winning the play offs. The set up at Fleetwood is decent, we were welcome in the bar at the ground last year, (big screens, decent priced beer in proper glasses, good chat with home fans etc), the ground is in a nice area a mile or so out of town. Fleetwood 0 Sunderland 1
Last season….. went 1-0 up then played absolutely shite
The town of Fleetwood is an absolute shithole – but so much so, it’s completely inappropriate to take the piss, as it’s a depressing place. In my real job I have a interest in the high street, well …. from our wander round on a lovely Spring afternoon – the place is on its arse, a desperately sad depiction of so many Northern Seaside Towns. Welcome to Fleetwood……. Sunderland away to Fleetwood Town Fleetwood Town centre All the fun of the Fair…. Welcome to Fleetwood

Sunderland to expect a tough game against Fleetwood

Fleetwood are a decent side and it’ll be a tough game.  Most people will know they are managed by Joey Barton, whilst he will likely act the idiot at some stage on Wednesday….. he’s actually doing a good job, he’s a smart guy, he was decent on the radio, his book is brilliant – so whilst it’s easy to just label him as a dick; SAFCBlog actually thinks he’s ok? Fleetwood Manager Joey Barton Fleetwood gaffer Barton – not without his faults, but not the pantomime villain many are desperate for him to be?

Famous things from Fleetwood

Fleetwood is home to the Fisherman’s Friend factory…..
Like Brown sauce, no one in the world actually knows what flavour these are meant to be?
There’s also a few decent celebrities from Fleetwood, anyone growing up in the 80s will have been treated to the comedy geniuses that were Little and Large, for younger readers they were on a par with Benny Hill and miles better than the Two Ronnies, (game of opinions as always) Fisherman's Friend made in Fleetwood Little and Large from Fleetwood
Whilst Saturday night TV is shite now – it used to be brilliant. Little, (left), is from Fleetwood
Emmerdale Farm Hottie Kelsey-Beth Crossley is also from Fleetwood….. Frank Searle who is famous for producing hoax photos of the Loch Ness Monster was also from Fleetwood Conclusive evidence?????? Loch Ness Monster Further proof…….. Fleetwood Town v Sunderland match preview

Fleetwood Town vs Sunderland Prediction

Whilst it’s not the most glamorous fixture to start the new decade, SAFCBlog will be there and as always I’ll post a report on the night of the game.  I’m always excited to go and watch Sunderland and Wednesday can’t come soon enough. Fleetwood is one of the few grounds where the stewards are not on a total power trip, so hopefully we’ll get the SAFCBlog flags up, come and say hello…… Fleetwood Town Sunderland match preview SAFC Blog flags


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