It’s Saturday….It’s 3pm…’s time….,

Sunderland v Charlton at Wembley

It’s Saturday, It’s 3 pm, It’s Time…..

It's Saturday, it's 3pm

3 pm Saturday… can only mean 1 thing!!!!

It's Saturday, It's 3 pm, It's Come Dine With Me
Sat in my office watching Come Dine With Me…..

Strange Days……..

Let’s be honest, things are fucking bonkers at present? I do genuinely wonder what people who don’t like sport actually do with their time?

Back to normal soon?

Let’s be honest, none of us have a clue when The Beautiful Game will return?  An announcement will be made in due course, but for me I don’t think we’ll see anymore of the 2019/20 season?

‘Game of Opinions’ as always

Every Cloud?

SAFCBlog would have been at Southend, but it’s a long way and it’s a shithole? If the seasons over, it’s over – saves us play-off heartache?

Sunderland v Charlton at Wembley
Wembley = Shite


Turns out Courtney……. is a bloke!
‘That’s Magic?’ – Debbie McGee and Courtney…… 2 frocks, 1 cock…..

All manner of amusing stuff arriving on my portable telephone this week. Thankfully the YouTube genius that is SunderLad is on hand to lift the gloom….

It’s Saturday, It’s 3 pm, It’s SunderLad….


25 mins ago

@janey1000 It is Saturday ⚽️…

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1 hour ago

@SunderlandAFC Sadly *the future* was a scotch jobber and a load of Everton rejects ??? …

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2 hours ago

If you are a football type please join the challenge of posting a football photo. Just one picture, no description. Please copy the text in your status, post a picture and look at some great memories/pictures.
Missing football quite a bit! ⚽️…

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