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SAFCBlog Dog Blog Days

The, (not so), Grand National

Two weeks today was scheduled to be the big race at Aintree, as with most sporting events it’s been cancelled. Thankfully SAFCBlog is running an alternative race that day, streamed online, betting available etc. Still no, (official), word from Clare Balding, although she does her big shop at Threshers on a Saturday, so she’ll probably be in touch tomorrow?


All roads lead to HG1 on Saturday 04 April 2020

In the absence of conventional sport, early reports suggest that this may well be one of the premier sporting events of 2020.

“Man City retain title, Leeds stay down for another 16 years, we are spared the pain of Wembley…… it’s all starting to make perfect sense???

Handicapping in Sport…….

Given the 3 competitors are 3,8 and 12 years old, time handicapping is essential to ensure the veracity of this event as a worldwide sporting spectacle.


Handicapping in sport is a regular  occurrence, whether it be….. giving golfers extra shots, adding weight to race horses, appointing David Moyes as your manager etc…….

SAFCBlog Dog Blog Days
SAFC Dog Race

Competitor profile #2


SAFC Blog dog Rocky
Young, fit….. but ‘mad as a fucking cut snake!’

The numbers

  • Born 14.02.17 in South Shields 
  • 37.6kg

Tipsters View

Undoubtedly quicker on his toes than his Great Grandad and fellow competitor Alf. He’s young, fit and wired. Whilst Alf is focused, Rocky isn’t, (think of that horse that thinks it won the Grand National despite losing its rider at the first fence).

Training Update

No issues whatsoever about  the speed and fitness of Rocky. This is a one off race, he could of course win easily – he could just as easily run the wrong way? It remains to be seen if he can cope with The Big Stage?

Not the sharpest?

All roads lead to the SAFCBlog Dog Race…….

Let’s be honest – there’s fuck all else to do?


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