Sunderland 1 fleetwood town 1

Sunderland 1 Fleetwood Town 1

Sunderland 1 Fleetwood Town 1

Last gasp equaliser earns a point for SAFC

It’s over 24 hours since the game started. SAFCBlog normally gets a review online as soon as I’m home. I was late home last night and I’ve been to the seaside today, so match report a bit late.

Realistically lots has already been said about the game – so I’ll keep it short and in 3 sections…… Pictures, Words, Bit about Barton…..

Joey Barton…….

There’s been an awful lot said about him in the last 24 hours.

I’ve previously gone on record to say he’s a decent presenter and writer. He’s also doing a great job at Fleetwood, much has been made about our improved intensity and fitness, Fleetwood were hugely impressive in this department… his behaviour has been poor in the past, this particular spotlight will only intensify in the summer?

Contrary to his self appointed Pantomine Villian Role, I’ve never really had an issue with him. His post game interviews last night were at the very best, a bit sad

I couldn’t give a shit about any other team in this league, I couldn’t give a shit about Barton…. he decided to make last night pro him & anti SAFC.  

Hey ho, they’re a decent club and came within seconds of the biggest result in their history – but Joey, please be assured not one SAFC fan really gives a shit about you.

The early goal played right into his hands last night, their time wasting was disgusting – we just need to get out of this league, giving bellends like him airtime doesn’t help us?

The creation of a Faux Rivalry with Portsmouth cost us down there, it became a bigger game than it should have been – still it’s nice for them to sell out their ground once a season I guess?

The game……

Pretty much everything has already been said, I’m as late with this review as A CRB check on Leeds United Ambassador Jim’ll Savile. So as aforementioned, it’ll be brief…..

Sunderland Fleetwood Town in Pictures……

These would be nice photos if they were of a lake? Sadly they are meant to be photos of fields!
It may be the thick end of a 200 mile round trip for a home game….. but nothing beats a North Yorkshire Sunset?
“Give Joni Mitchell a ring….” ….”this knobber sounds like a right fucking hoot?”……”don’t smoke, don’t eat, don’t drink, what do you do?”…..
Obligatory bridge pic over increasingly less troubled waters…….
Sunderland 1 Fleetwood Town 1
“It’s Tuesday night, it’s 7.43pm…… it’s fucking crackerjack…… *CRACKERJACK!!*”


We are playing well, Fleetwood had won 5 on the spin – along with Sunday’s trip to Birmingham City, this was a big game.

1st Half….. we started slowly, they should have scored after 1 minute, they did score after 5 minutes. From 15 minutes onwards we played well, the King hit the bar and we did ok.

2nd Half…….  referees in division 3 are shit. Fleetwood wasted time throughout. At their gaff in January, the ball boys were 100% under instructions to sit on their arses when we were at 0-1.

SAFCBlog is still waiting for a reply from the FA regarding my letter, the people’s game my arse? Ultimately we got what we deserved and rather poetically they got what they deserved as we scored in the 7th of 6 minutes.

SAFCBlog verdict

We got a point and stayed unbeaten, to be fair Fleetwood came to do a job and they almost did it to perfection? A Fleetwood win at Tranmere on Saturday has to be an absolute nap?

I left the SOL feeling pretty positive, let’s go to Coventry and win eh?

Sunderland v Fleetwood Man of the Match

The King is playing great, the transformation in his game is amazing. His 1st half performance was of a quality way ahead of division 3.

It worries me slightly that everything seems to go through him? We had 9 corners last night, 8 of them were the same, we had probably 8 attacking free kicks that he took – again all the same? Football is a fucking hard game, but out of 17 dead ball crossing opportunities, we picked out their giant of a centre half 16 times.

It’s easier said than done, but we had enough possession to create a variation of chances?

SAFCBlog Man of the Match goes to Max Power, he had a solid game and having seen the goal on the inter web, it was a great finish….

All roads lead to Small Heath on Sunday morning  now, can’t wait…..


Proper relief on 97 minutes last night…..

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