Tomorrow’s starting 11……

Sunderlands starting 11 v Fleetwood Town

Sunderland starting 11 against Fleetwood Town

Welcome to #13 in SAFCBlog Thought of the Day….. what a time to be alive. Like many others, I think about SAFC a lot, probably too much? Snow day today, so thinking has been plentiful…..

No shite Sherlock?????

….. it baffles me that there are men out there who don’t love fire?
TV mostly shite, but who films the covert spy animal?

Suffice to say, non SAFC thoughts are a waste of time? So, back to the matter in hand …. how do we line up tomorrow night?

SAFCBlog expects the same team.

In November the players were cream crackered after 65 minutes? 2 games a week doesn’t seem a problem now, so why change a winning formula…….

Aiden McGeady’s kecks

Sunderlands starting 11 v Fleetwood Town
“”Can someone give Charlton Academicals a ring and tell them we’ve found McGeadys kecks…..”

So..very little thought associated with today’s Thought of the Day…. a repeat of Saturday’s win against Bristol Rovers would be class?


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