Sunderland Legends John MacPhail

John MacPhail signs for Sunderland

Sunderland Legends John MacPhail

Still another 8, (eight), after this instalment, so plenty of scope to cover the usual suspects. SAFCBlog has always been conscious to try and be a bit different from other fan sites, so whilst eyebrows may be raised re Johns inclusion – stay with it…. Sunderland Legends John MacPhail
Classic shirt – could maybe do with showing a bit more leg?
John hailed from Dundee, he started his career at Dundee FC, after a stint at Sheffield United, Denis Smith signed him at York City.  As an 13 year old kid living in Yorkshire, (albeit of Scotch parentage), any time I’d been to Scotchland most people had pale unhealthy looking skin, often complemented with unkempt ginger hair. In a team that already included the best hairstyle in football, (John Byrne), MacPhail had the looks and swagger of a pop star. He was a key part of Smiths record breaking 83/84 title winners, aside from looking the part – what a player.

John MacPhail starred in a record breaking York City team

John MacPhail York City

Title winner

John MacPhail

Celebrating with Ricky Sbragia as Liverpool are held at Bootham Crescent.

We all know that Denis Smith was a fine manager, shortly after he arrived at Sunderland, he made MacPhail one of his first signings, (albeit via Bristol City). Denis Smith Sunderland and York City manager

Denis Smith, great eye for a player ~ shit at putting his white club tie on straight?

John MacPhail signs for Sunderland

Smiths jigsaw was complete…

john MacPhail 16 goals in Sunderland’s title Season

1987/88 saw Sunderland storm to the title, John played 46 games and scored an amazing 16 goals. Eleven of these goals were from the penalty spot, but….. you don’t take the pens unless you are decent and also got some serious bottle.  Let’s remember that Marco and Eric had 40 goals between them that season? There’s no way that both of them weren’t chomping at the bit to be on penalties? Marco Gabbiadini

“I couldn’t give a shit Marco…. I TAKE THE PENALTIES!”

Legend is a strong word, but sometimes Legends are made?  In 2013 John auctioned off his private collection of football memorabilia to raise funds to help save Dundee FC, the club that gave him his start in football. MacPhail is also a top man, he’s at most, (perhaps all?), games at the SOL, he’s always got time to chat, photos etc – just a Top Man.

sunderland Legends John MacPhail (left)

John MacPhail with SAFCBlog
I’m 15 years younger than John, (honestly) – I’d still back him all day long from 12 yards!
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