8 Years Ago today…..

8 years ago today

8 Years Ago Today

Premier League…..

Whilst we have decided to give the Premier League a miss for a few years, (we’ll be back soon), 8 years ago today was the most dramatic of Premier League days….. Man City won the league with 2 stoppage time goals. 

What’s that got to do with Sunderland?

Don’t worry, I’ll make it all about us. 

Noel Gallagher was on the radio talking about this today, he made the great point, ‘imagine if we’d have had to wait for VAR?’. We all know the script, we all know City have a few quid, but along with The Arsenal 2-0 at Liverpool about 1988, and Leicester winning not long ago – this was proper drama, (further proof we can’t award anything this season that’s not been earned by playing to a conclusion?). 

Leicester winning the league was brilliant, it was exactly what was not meant to happen once football had become the playground of the Elite few Clubs? We played Leicester on the 1st day of that season, SAFCBlog bailed out after about 35 minutes at 0-3, once we’d persuaded the stewards to let us out, the sentiment was, we really can’t afford to lose to teams like Leicester who are going to be in the relegation mix? 

It really was that sensational for them to win the league. When we get round to winning the Premier League, I just imagine we’d do it in the type of way City did, there’s no point making things easy?

8 years ago today
“Home of the Premier League Champions 2027”

Sunday 13th May 2012

We were involved in a little way, if City failed to win, a United victory at the SOL would see United win the league. Realistically we weren’t likely to beat Man Utd, we hadn’t won in 7 weeks and we’d only scored 3 goals in the last 6 games. I wasn’t at the game, as I was recuperating from having a pair of new hips a month earlier, for once watching the day unfold on TV was as good as being at a game.

We’d already done our bit?

8 years ago today
“”Those expressions……”

8 years ago today
“Man City barely had a kick anyway?”

12 Weeks Later

We went to City, it was there 16th home game of the season, so far they’d won all 15, scoring 44 and conceding just 6 goals in the process. Always nice to have a day on the piss in Manchester, but we were going to get tonked? We’d lost 5-0 the previous season, when Adam Johnson ran us ragged and opened the scoring.

Johnson was unplayable, the kind of player you dream about having in your team………

“FFS…… that ended well?”

Despite expecting a hammering, we drew 3-3. We really should have won, not only because we were 3-1 with 5 minutes to go, but we were easily the better side. 

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but taking, (a seemingly uninjured), Matt Kilgallon off, when 3-1 up with 10 minutes to go, when he had looked comfortable at centre half all afternoon was perhaps not the wisest move? I’ve not, (to date), played professional football, but I genuinely think I’d have done better in 10 minutes than the cameo of Sortirios Kyrgiakos at centre half. 

Whilst we were the only team to take points at City and the only team not to lose to them that season – we really should have won the game. Sadly we then knocked off for the season, not winning in our last 7 games and after the optimism of O’Neil taking over from Mrs Doubtfire, we seemed to be on a downward curve again? 

I know Bent left under a cloud, but with our top scorers on 8, (Sessegnon, Larsson & Bendtner) – just imagine if we’d had a decent striker up top?  That summer Fletcher came in and briefly threatened to be that striker, the other significant arrival was Adam Johnson from Man City.


Well done Man City etc, but I couldn’t really give a shit about that. Writing daily about a football club when there’s no football is a challenge – SAFCBlog will endeavour to always find a Sunderland Angle

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